How Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Changed My Skin



It’s no surprise that after a trip or a long week of work, I am exhausted. My skin is dehydrated, my eyes are puffy, and my cheeks are flushed. After trying many different skin care routines, I easily become frustrated when I don’t see the results I’m looking for. About a week ago ago, I decided to try out Lancome Advanced Genifique and Renergie Trio set. Originally thinking this product was targeted for an older audience, I couldn’t have been more wrong! So many young women use this product to maintain the youthful glow and prevent future skin dullness.


After only nine days of using the Advanced Genifique and Renergie Trio set, my skin has brightened tremendously. My forehead feels smoother. My cheeks are less red and more firm. My eyes are less puffy. I’ve been wearing less makeup because my skin is clearer. I couldn’t believe how quickly the color changed in my cheeks and forehead. Here’s a quick recap on my experience with each product:


1. The Advanced Genifique

The Advanced Lancome Genifique


The Advanced Genifique simple serum drop is easy to use and delivers the proper dosage needed when applying onto the skin. Not only did the Advanced Genifique brighten my skin, but it softened it too!


2. The Light Pearl Eye Illuminating Concentrate

Light Pearl Eye Illuminating


Out of the three products, I was surprised to find that my favorite is The Light Pearl. I love the way the concentrate feels on my eyes. It’s extremely smooth, cool and light-weight. It completely de-puffs and soothes my eyelids. When applying The Light Pearl, try to concentrate on making small circular motions below the eyebrow.


3. The Multi-Lift

The smallest bottle – but the biggest impact! In just one day, my forehead tightened and firmed. The Reviva Concentrate literally lifts the skin in only four hours! I found a little goes a long way.


Not only did the Advanced Genifique and Renergie Trio set luminate my skin, but it completely changed the color and feel. My skin is smoother, brighter and firmer. I highly recommend the Advanced Genifique and Renergie Trio set for anyone who is looking for a youthful, radiant complexion. I’ve always believed that good skincare is worth the investment, and these products last months! I am thrilled with my results, and look forward to the future of my skin!


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