How Are You Giving Back This Holiday?

Hello dear friends,


We are all feeling the hustle-bustle of the holiday season upon us and I must say I am unusually calm this year. I decided that my energy is wasted on the unnecessary pressure I tend to put on myself to

  1. Plan the perfect party

  2. Fulfill everyone’s gift wish-list

  3. Cook a 5 course sumptuous meal.

Can any of you relate to the “mad dash” as the holidays approach?


The first thing I did to change my outlook on the holiday season was to think about those less fortunate than me who celebrate quietly or sometimes not all. And I thought, well I make choices to make the holidays the way I want them, some people don’t have that option, or any choices at all for that matter.


Throughout the year I have been involved with many causes such as Heart Health and Breast Cancer awareness – but causes which benefit children are the most satisfying to me, especially during this time of year. To know that any amount of effort can feed, clothe or provide a child with shelter is truly gratifying. In May of this year I attended an annual Mother’s Day luncheon for Save The Children and I must say there were painful ironies in listening to the stories of impoverished babies as I sat under a breathtaking chandelier in a ballroom on 5th Avenue and Central Park. In October I partnered with HSN in similar efforts to aid the UNICEF relief fund and historically I have been among selected partners at HSN to design a Christmas ornament with the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I must remind myself that even the opportunity for me to participate in these charities is a privilege and really puts my values into perspective.




Currently on a local level I am involved with a super group of folks in planning a dinner/auction for our hometown YMCA. Not only will it be a fun evening and an opportunity for me to catch up with friends and neighbors, at the end of the night the event will send many kids to camp, provide after-school care and even teach them how to swim. One can make a difference in the life of a child just giving him/her the gift of knowing how to swim.


If you want to make your holiday special this year, I can suggest a few ideas : Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Collect coats for the homeless or donate pet food and blankets to a shelter. (You know I love my dogs!)


What we often confuse as privileges are actually rights that we all deserve. The holiday spirit is to feel the joy of giving to others . May you all find the company of family and friends, be warm and well fed. Happy Holidays!


Love , Heidi xoxoxo

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