Hit The Gym in 2016 With The Best Workout Clothes

Hit The Gym With The Best Workout Clothes

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We’re ready to kick start our New Year’s resolutions and one of them is to be better about making gym time. Of course we feel great after we exercise but we need that extra motivation to get us started. One thing that can actually make a big difference is how we feel about our workout clothes and accessories.


Having cute gym gear that makes us feel good about how we look is a lot more motivating than just throwing on an old t shirt and running shorts. Try out some of these workout outfits and accessories to give your 2016 fitness resolutions a boost in the right direction!


1. A Pair of Form-fitting Sweats

Asics® Lux Pant

We definitely want to feel comfortable in our workout clothes but we don’t have to be swimming in them to do so. A pair of form-fitting sweats like this Asics® Lux Pant will give us room to stretch in while still keeping our figure in focus. Also, with a capri style we don’t have to worry about tripping over the hem of our pants in yoga class or on the treadmill. Fashion and safety first!


2. A Sporty Hoodie

Asics® ASX Lux 1/2 Zip hoody

For those chilly mornings or freezing gyms it’s a must to have versatile layers that we can throw on. This Asics® ASX Lux 1/2 Zip hoody is just snug enough to make our workout outfit look tidy and stylish while also being breathable for our comfort. When we’re feeling low on energy a bright pop of color can help reinvigorate our motivation to keep our fitness resolutions!


3. A Colorful Pair of Kicks

Asics® GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

Repeat after us: “Athletic shoes do not have to be boring.” A long time ago, running shoes used to be all about the function not the fashion but, lo and behold, the rules today have changed. Sports stars today now rock colorful, unique, and  heavily-designed shoes like this Asics® GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe that can carry a whole outfit off on its own. So don’t be left at the starting line for 2016 with those ancient sneakers that don’t reflect your vivacious personality!


4. It’s All In The (Gym) Bag

easy spirit Multi Pocket Nylon Crossbody

We all keep busy schedules so if you need to fit in a workout between classes, jobs, running errands or parenting you have to plan for it. Having a gym bag that can store the essentials you need to transition from one activity to the next will making that planning a lot easier. This easy spirit Multi Pocket Nylon Crossbody is perfect for carrying a hairbrush, antiperspirant, a spare shirt–whatever your post workout calls for–while looking cool and modern at the same time.


5. A Scoop Neck Solution

Asics® Lux Scoop Back Top

Ever tried to do a downward dog in yoga and felt the sudden embarrassment and suffocation caused by your t shirt creeping down and collecting around your face? Yeah, not so fun! The solution to such workout woes is a sweet and sleek scoop neck top. This Asics® Lux Scoop Back Top is every so slightly form fitting so we can be sure that our clothes actually stay where we want them while practicing our poses and there is no high collar that will stifle our breathing. Namaste in fashion.


What’s your workout style?

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