Highlights of HSN Gala from host Shivan Sarna

With Heidi Daus at Partner Recognition Gala
Time to Celebrate!
HSN pulled out the red carpet recently to celebrate some of our partners in shopping! You, of course, are also our superstars! There does come a time, when a gathering is in order to really cement the sentiment of gratitude we feel for our friends like Heidi Daus, Carol Brodie, Todd from Ultimate Trading (amazing jewelry manufacturer), Diane Gilman and the rest of the cast and crew that make HSN happen live 9,000 hours, 364 days a year. Here are just some of the highlights!
And the winners are…Heidi Daus for Quality & Customer Experience.  Yes, it is true. I have Heidi for a whole hour just for us in June for Host Pick. I am giddy to say  the least. “Oh Girls!” as she likes to say is just the beginning of my sentiments.
» Heidi Daus jewelry

The fabulous Carol Brodie made some magic happen and won for Social Media Partner. Here we are striking a pose Hollywood style. Working on getting Carol with Rarities for Host Pick for October! My fingers are so crossed!

» Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie

Here is Todd with Ultimate Trading. I talk a lot about Todd because he was kind enough to take my sister and husband I through a tour of his factory in New Jersey a couple of years ago. It was such an education. He is the one who I want to manufacture my jewelry line if I ever create one. By the way, there are no plans for that at the moment, I have a few other things on my plate! He won for Behind the Scenes.
Visiting Todd
Presenting Partner in Giving award
I was honored to co-present the award for our Partners-in-Giving to Swarovski and Amerihua  for the Ornament program we did over the holidays as part of HSN Cares helping the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Diane Gilman, winner of Item of the Year
I have to do a shout out to my friend Diane Gilman and her DG2 Jeans. She won for Product of the Year for 2010. Those jeans have changed my life and I hope you will get yourself a pair or 10 if you haven’t tried them yet. See why 2 million plus have been sold in just a few short years!
» Diane Gilman fashion



Jewelry Updates
There is a lot going on in the Jewelry world at HSN! I was just asked to speak at the Gemological Institute of America’s International Symposium in May in Carlsbad, California. I will keep you updated on that for sure. What an honor and opportunity to learn and share with the industry insiders!
Next month I’m so excited to tell you about our Gem Artistry event! New gorgeous gem jewlery featuring Heritage Gems, Sima K and My Precious Rainbow by EFFY.
I hope you will come to Shivan Sarna on HSN on Facebook and @shivansarna on Twitter. I want to connect with you!
Rock on,
P.S. Jay King and I sat at the same table at the event and he looked AMAZING in his Tux! See his blog for further details!
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