Hello From the Cold North, Heidi Daus

Happy February dear friends! While some may grumble about the winter doldrums – and believe me the dark skies and downright cold temps can get to us all – I happen to love February. It is the only month of the year where I have a little “down time” and I get to spend it with my family and most importantly with my little guy Shane. He brought me home a Valentine card that he made in school (this was last year’s Valentine) and from his perfect, little drawing I designed a heart-themed pin I call  “Would You Be Mine”. It’s comprised of clear Swarovski crystals and Montana blue baguettes. It’s a must-have for any woman’s jewelry box!  Trust me girls, if you love yourself, you’ve got to have this pin.
As I contemplate February, this dormant month, I think of life’s gifts from the simple to the sublime; chocolates and roses, the love of my family and the faintest whiff of spring in the air.  Of course we get hit with a snowstorm in the northeast – a last gasp of winter – but after that I have faith the crocuses will push through! In fact I was recently visiting my middle son Alexander in North Carolina and the pansies are blooming there already so I know it’s coming this way!
Although February is a short month, I’ll take it…having a month where I’m not on a plane is truly a treat and believe it or not, I, Heidi Daus, have been cooking!  Perhaps some of you may be know that I am a vegetarian and cooking for myself can be a challenge. The boys are easy as all I have to do is throw on a steak and a potato and they are happy. As for myself I got to point where my palate needed a little more excitement. My son Alexander happened to see a juicer/blender demonstration in the local supermarket and came home enthusiastically proclaiming the benefits of this machine. So now I am a proud owner of a Vita-Mix blender and am experimenting madly with all sorts of healthy concoctions.  February is also a big detox (a.k.a. diet) month for me so needless to say I am getting my money’s worth from the Vita-Mix!
I look forward to bringing you my latest new creations in the upcoming months  – especially during my next visit in early March to present my OZ collection in conjunction with the soon to be released OZ movie! Hold on to your hats girls – these pieces are stunners!
Much love,
Heidi xoxo

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