Heidi Daus’s Seasonal Travel Essentials

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In preparation for Thanksgiving and all of the traveling that starts during this time of year, I wanted to share my list of “Travel Essentials,” these are my must haves for all my trips…


Heidi Daus’s Seasonal Travel Essentials


My essentials I think every “Heidi Girl” should have:


1. Portable Charger

You never know when you might run into a little hiccup with your technology, so it’s good to be prepared and have a little extra juice!


2. A Notebook

I have a little “idea” book that I bring with me everywhere! I always like to have a notebook to write down all of those little special moments on the road. It’s perfect because I am always thinking of what I want to do next!


3. Comfy Socks

This is a must have for me! They make a BIG difference…trust me!


4. Comfy Clothes

I have always found that jeans tend to be pretty uncomfortable, especially when traveling, so I always wear a comfortable pair of leggings and a little shawl I can quickly take on and off with no hassle!


5. Headphones

I would strongly suggest investing in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones!


6. Facial Moisturizer

The air on a plane is actually drier than the Sahara Desert… I always bring with me a facial moisturizer! I apply this before the flight, sometimes during the flight, and then after the flight as well!


7. ChapStick

I always have with me the original ChapStick! (that’s the one in the black tube!)


8. Water

I try to drink a couple glasses of water before getting on the airplane that way I do not get too dehydrated while in the air!


9. Neck Pillow

I like to travel with the one that has microbeads in them. They’re so comfortable to use!


10. Latest WWD Magazine

This is one of my favorite magazines to read! Women’s Wear Daily is the best for learning about changes in the fashion industry and trends!


11. Snack

I love love love Hot Tamales candy! So I always have these with my on a flight to snack on!


As far as clothing goes, personally I hate having to drag around a huge suitcase. I try to mentally plan my outfits a few days before I even start packing! I pick pieces that can be worn multiple ways.  If I am bringing a very colorful necklace, I will focus on three main colors the necklace has in it, and will then pack those colors in the clothes I bring. However, most of the time when I travel, I try to bring a beautiful strand of beads, a bracelet set, and a wonderful pin!


For a perfect strand of beads for all of your travels, check out one of my favorites the “Infinite Magic” crystal accented necklace set! This necklace set can be worn multiple different ways so you can use it for a few different outfits!

"Infinite Magic" Crystal-Accented Necklace Set


A great bracelet set for traveling is the “Tantalizing Trio” 3 piece crystal accented bracelet set. The set is just fabulous! Wear one of them to finish off your look, wear the two bangles or wear all three together for extra sparkle!

"Tantalizing Trio" 3pc Crystal-Accented Bracelet Set


Lastly, I always bring with me a great pin! One of my favorites to travel with it the “Passion for Pretty” Pin. You can get very creative with this one! Use it as a hair piece, bring a chord and attach it to your chord, wear it on a scarf or a shawl or sweater! You can get very creative with pins! You can even add a little sparkle to your carry on!

"Passion For Pretty" Crystal Bow-Designed Pin


Sometimes I will end up bringing more depending on where I am going, but in general, these are my flight essentials!


What are your travel essentials like? Show me what you pack or wear during your travels!

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