Heidi Daus’s 13 Favorite Memories from 2015!

Every year I try to look back at what I did throughout all 365 days of the year and reflect. Sometimes I will go on a nice run or just sit in my family room sipping coffee and go through my camera roll on my cell phone (this helps jog my memory of events that have happened this year!) This is what I came up with for this year!


1. My Fave Outfit

This one is a tough one because I had so many fun outfits, but I would have to say that my favorite outfit was the outfit I wore for the Cinderella world première in Hollywood! I chose this one because I am so very thankful for this experience, but I also loved the gorgeous neutrals I got to play with for this outfit.

Me at the Cinderella world première in Hollywood!

Me at the Cinderella world première in Hollywood!


2. Fave Forum

I have had so much fun being able to communicate with you gals! One of my favorite forums I got to do was when my Heidi Girls were asked what they would love to see from me in the future. You girls are so creative!! One of my favorite suggestions was to design a poodle skirt girl with cute black and white saddle shoes! I really love hearing what kind of pieces you would like for me to design, it inspires me!


3. Fave Friendship Moment

I had so many weddings this year. But my favorite moment was when I was able to go to Italy for my dear friend’s wedding in Tuscany! It was such a fabulous wedding, and I really loved seeing so many beautiful women wearing jewelry I designed! I also really enjoyed spending time with my family!

The wedding venueMe all dressed for the wedding!

The wedding venue, and me all dressed for the wedding!


4. Fave Event

This, of course, would have to be my 12th anniversary for HSN! This was such an exciting achievement. I also had a lot of fun shooting some lifestyle images with my killer Today’s Special necklace and earring set.

My 12th anniversary with HSN


5. Fave City

This year I was able to travel a lot! I really enjoy traveling so I was very happy for this! My favorite city I was able to travel to this year was Avon in North Carolina for a family reunion! I feel so lucky that I get to travel to all of the wonderful places that I do!

My sons and my girlfriend Barb!

My sons and my girlfriend Barb!


6. Fave Summer Trend

My favorite trend from last year was longer earrings! Long earrings are very fun to experiment with!

Me in Italy with my long earrings!

Me in Italy with my long earrings!


7. Fave Fall Trend

This was obviously fringe! I love fringe, it adds such playfulness to an outfit!


8. Fave Spring Trend

Exceptionally bright color pallets in all things wearable.


9. Fave Winter Trend

Because who doesn’t love short laced up short boot and comfy warm wool socks for the winter months!?

Fave Winter Trend


10. Dinner Cruise

During Christmas break, I was so very lucky to be able to go on a dinner cruise around the river Seine in Paris! This was such an amazing experience because I got to see Paris at night with all of the sparkling lights!


11.Fave Gala

Every year I create the centerpieces for the YMCA Gala. This event makes my list as a favorite moment of 2015 because it’s such a worthy cause!

Centerpieces for the YMCA Gala!

Centerpieces for the YMCA Gala!


12. Dog Parade

A big highlight of last year was going to the dog Halloween Parade in New York City!

Halloween Dog Parade in New York City!


13. Fave Visitor

This is always my brother Dave! Every year he comes and visits from Texas in the month of July! This is always one of my favorite memories because he is so much fun to be around!

My brother Dave!

This is my brother dave!


Thank you again for an amazing 2015 and I can’t wait for an, even more, fab 2016! I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016! May it be the best year yet!!! Xoxo Heidi

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