Heidi Daus On The Connection Between Life And Jewelry

Heidi DausOver the years I have received lots of fan mail, holiday greetings and Facebook posts that touch me deeply. The anecdotes and experiences that I read from people who wear my pieces are heartfelt and real – and your stories never fail to move me.  It gives me my greatest sense of accomplishment knowing that my jewelry becomes a bigger part of your lives than a sparkly accessory. It is the fact that the jewelry makes one feel different that makes it all worthwhile.
When you think of your biggest life events i.e., marriage, the birth of your first child or caring for elderly parents, did you ever think that a piece of jewelry would become so important? I’ve come to learn that my necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pins – have often played a part in each of these passages for many of my customers.
I read through actual stories depicting joys and a sorrow where a piece of my jewelry has become inextricably woven into that experience – and it fills my heart.
Here are a few examples: Twin sisters who exchanged matching rings and whose lives remain close despite the wide geographical distance between them. For these sisters, the rings are an everyday reminder of their unwavering bond. Then there is customer whose elderly mother needed ‘round the clock care so the family presented the caregiver with a stunning brooch in appreciation for her long nights. The caregiver called to tell us that she loves it so much that she in turn, bought the daughter the same brooch to lift her spirits after her mother passed on. In addition, numerous posts of photos have popped up on my Facebook page of brides and mothers of brides posing gleefully in their wedding attire complete with a Heidi Daus ensemble! It gives me great pride to see pictures of families on very special occasions wearing my jewelry and then taking the time to post a photo. I thank you all so much for sharing.
Particularly touching are the husbands who call us to purchase a surprise anniversary or birthday gift and who go into grand detail about what their wives like and how they dress – and the fact that they secretly had to size rings and wrists to be able to get the order right! I love you guys for being so attentive to your Heidi Girls!
I realize from you, my friends, that jewelry becomes a token of symbolism – whether it symbolizes comfort in times of despair or the celebration of a milestone.  It occurs to me that jewelry can and does make memories.  I am lucky that what I put into my life’s work comes back to me tenfold.  Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your summer!
Much love,
Heidi xoxo

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