Heidi Daus’ Jewelry Fall Fashion Jewelry Favorites

Heidi DausDear friends near and far,
I say near and far because I know some of you reside in the tropics where T-shirts and flip-flops are the norm, and some of you are experiencing brisk Fall mornings and deciding which sweater to pull out.
Whether you’re sporting sandals or boots, swimsuits or scarves – fashion and style changes are unavoidable! Most of all the seasons dictate my color choices. I tend to go for the deeper, richer colors as certain holidays are upon us. What is your color palette in October? No matter where I am, even when I’m in St. Petersburg during my visits to HSN, I find myself favoring burgundy and topaz during the Autumn months over say…aqua or fuchsia. The best thing about seasons is change, and if the seasons don’t change then I change them with my jewelry! Because of back-to-school activities at my son Shane’s school and more frequent meetings at the office, jewelry becomes part of my daily costume now more than ever. My motto is “More is more!” And I love mixing up my looks!
For something brand new to my collection, try my new double-ring for a fashion-forward look! Or better yet, try the entire “Business Class” collection! I can’t wait to see you on the air!
All of us at the Heidi Daus offices are swooning over our new fall collection. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter #HeidisFallJewels for updates and eye candy on how to pair my new pieces with the perfect fall apparel. Chat with me on Facebook as I announce exciting special offers. Stay tuned!

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