Hassle-Free Travel Is In The Bag With Samantha Brown

Hassle-Free Travel Is In The Bag With Samantha Brown


Your holiday flights are booked and the date is approaching so you’re probably about to dust off your customary suitcase and carry on. Unless you’re a regular jet setter for work, my guess is that you’ve been using the same trusty luggage set for some time. Well that old fashioned bag might get by TSA without trouble but if you think it’s going to get by travel expert, Samantha Brown, boy are you in for a surprise! Join Samantha Brown and I as we visited Tampa International Airport to roll out some extreme luggage makeovers!


For travelers who are relying on antiquated suitcases, Sam’s got your modern go-to set!

Hassle-Free Travel Is In The Bag With Samantha Brown


For travelers who prefer under-the-seat storage and extra convenience while flying, don’t miss Sam’s carry-on recommendation!

Hassle-Free Travel Is In The Bag With Samantha Brown


Travel, particularly flying, is always full of unexpected twists that can throw our plans for a loop. Certainly the congested foot traffic of terminals and gates are enough to make one’s head spin and that’s not even during the holiday season! Navigate smarter this season with  4-wheel capability and added agility like with the Embossed Ombre Spinner 3-piece Luggage Set.

Samantha Brown Embossed Ombre Spinner 3-piece Luggage Set


Perhaps your biggest concern is preventing your personal items or gifts from getting banged up during transit? Carry them on board with the confidence of a hard shell case in a conveniently-sized roll bag like the Classic Collection Underseater.

Samantha Brown Classic Collection Underseater


Check out all of Samantha Brown’s expertly crafted luggage and fashion that can transform anyone into a travel pro with the right tools,and join me every week on The Monday Night Show starting at 7pm EST to learn about other everyday items that can make our days and to-do lists a little easier.


Where will you be traveling to this season?

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