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Everyone is Going Organic and to the Beach – Happy Summer!
I bet you thought I was going to go off about food at this point. Don’t put it past me. What I really mean to get to are Pearls, an organic gem that is enjoying a gorgeous renaissance.
Organics are a special category of gems. They originally came from a living thing. There are only so many organic gems. Do you know what the list consists of? Shell, Coral, Jet, Ivory, Amber, and Pearl. Jet, like a diamond, is primarily carbon, but Jet is black and rarely used in jewelry today. It comes out of the ocean like so many of the organics. It is actually a type of coal from Araucaria trees that washed out to sea during massive geological changes in the earth. If you are not a gem nerd, I just bored you – wait! I have to tell you about June at HSN. Stay with me…
Each of the Organics has to do with the sea – even Ivory. I usually only think of Ivory and elephants, but remember scrimshaws from the sailors? They usually carved on a whale tooth or a walrus tusk. It is a good idea to keep your sea-source organics in a jewelry box that isn’t air tight. They don’t like to lose moisture. Considering their history, that makes a lot of sense. Of all the organic gems, by far the most popular is the Pearl. It is my favorite and probably yours too. What do you think of when you see a Pearl? Do you think of weddings? Tahiti? I guess that would be the wedding and the honeymoon…
On June 4th we have the wedding and the Tahitian fantasy covered. Demetrious Elias is a famous wedding gown designer out of NYC. He has a glorious line of Pearls to discover at HSN. On the same day, Turia Vinh-Tung, a native of Tahiti, will be sharing her Tahitian Pearls with you. Her father-in-law owns a Pearl farm and she has been in the Tahitian Pearl business all her life. Turia has a global client list who wait for the one of a kind Tahitian Pearls that she is known to collect for them. I don’t know how much closer I could get you to Tahiti without buying an airplane ticket.
Reality Shows – you know we started that genre 33 years ago!
Justine Simmons is back with more of her Brown Sugar fine jewelry. I love her reality show! You should definitely watch it or put in on your DVR. She is “in the house” and the real deal – sweet! Russell Simmons who is her brother-in-law has been someone who I have been very interested in for years. He is a real visionary. I am following him on Twitter. His company manufactures her line. I do love a good family business.
Speaking of reality shows, Ramona Singer is bringing 2 new cuts of gems to HSN. One is even called the Ramona cut. How cool is that? Her estate looks are breathtaking. Not what you expected? Expect the unexpected from Ramona! She is not your average housewife.
Rarities Premiere
As the summer continues, Carol Brodie is bringing a hot new collection to HSN called Rarities. Carol has worked as the industry insider to connect celebrities with the most famous Diamond houses. She is passionate about sharing the bling of the red carpet with you. It isn’t just about clarity, cut, carat and color with Carol. She has another important factor she wants you to know about when you buy jewelry. Find her at HSN to hear what she has to say. She has a message for you and she means business. Just trust me on this one.
Gems So Rare!
I need to give you an advanced notice about a show that has been in the works for over six months. It is called Gems so Rare on June 16th at 1 pm EST. All the cuts are fancy, rare or the combinations of gems are rare. Everything will be under $100 (also rare). When the Chrome Diopside, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Peridot, Appatite, London Blue Topaz, Garnets, and Palmera Citrines we are offering during these show are gone, they are not coming back. The special cuts and designs are daring and dazzling. They are going to be very limited and not even on HSN.com shortly after the shows are finished. Seriously. So as you can see we have a great June planned for you in the world of fine jewelry.
Here are a few updates on some more jewelry insiders – Jay King sent me this photo from his phone. He is making us a very special Mine Find for my 10th Anniversary show on August 11th. In the meanwhile he will be here for a brief, but intense visit in July. Can you believe he is going to be celebrating his 14th anniversary in October?
I also wanted to re-introduce you to Gokce. She is such a dynamic designer. Did you buy that great ring 412-657 from her during her launch? It has become a “customer pick” as I predicted. She is in specialty boutiques around the globe from one of the most prestigious jewelry houses in Istanbul. She loves Technibond because it makes her designs even more affordable. I hope you caught the show where she launched her line. Did you see her sketching live on-air? Speaking of catching things, no she didn’t catch my cold. What are you going to do? I wasn’t missing that premiere. Here is a photo of us grabbing coffee the day before her big reveal. She came all the way from Istanbul for 2 hours on HSN. That is dedication!
Twitter! Yup, I’ve taken flight.
I am on Twitter! You should try it! At least go in and register so no one else takes your name. Jean Dousset, Russell Simmons, Rhonda Shear, are also on Twitter. Very cool. My user name is Shivansarna. I’d love to hear from you in the “comment’ section here and on Twitter!
Rock on and be well,

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