Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you all – November marks the beginning of the season – it’s my favorite season – it’s that time of the year when we get to throw our diets out the window.
I am excited to spend Thanksgiving weekend with you all. I will be on air just after Turkey day – and boy, oh boy, have we put some fun items together for you. Tune in and start your holiday shopping early.
We are launching a new size of the Jay King Sculptured Bowl – make sure to check hsn.com regularly to get your chance to order one.
The look book items are fun and versatile. I have posted a picture of “Three Finger’s Butte”, which is located in Eastern Oregon. This is where “Wildhorse Jasper” is mined. Three Fingers Butte can be seen from over 50 miles away in almost any direction. This jasper has patterns that mimic the vast high desert vistas of the area where it was found. Because of the popularity of stones that resemble landscapes, a “picture jasper” rush started in the area. Dozens of deposits were discovered and claimed. The largest deposit was found in the center of the canyon and called Wildhorse Picture Jasper – it was called Wildhorse after the herd of wild horses that still inhabit and roam this remote canyon. Wild Horse is just one of the stones featured in the multistone necklace that was selected for the “Look Book” for November.

Three Finger's Butte in Oregon
Three Finger’s Butte in Oregon
The “Mine Finds” that we are offering in this Holiday show are:
Eagle Eye has come to us from Brazil. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world. The material was discovered in the rain forest of the Amazon River which occupies all of the north and north central portions of Brazil. The material was named because the miner felt like it was like the eye of the eagle standing out from the dark forest.
Bonito Opalite is from Benito Juarez located in Chihuahua Mexico. The miner grew up in the region as a cowboy. Since his father was a miner – he had grown up looking for treasures on his rides. The miner discovered this unique find while out riding his horse.
Red Forest Agate is mined in Liaoning Province in China, which is located in North Eastern China. Liaoning Province is famous for falling meteorites. The heaviest one fell to earth about 1.9 billion years ago. The material is names Red Forest Agate because of its bright red color and the beautiful pattern that appears in the stone.
I did want to extend a special “Thank you” for the heart felt thank you note to my team and myself thanking us for bringing the Sculptured Bowl to HSN, please help me send good vibes to Darlene in her new home that took 4 years to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina had destroyed it – “Welcome Home” Darlene!
By the time you are reading this I will be on my way over seas on an exploring trip – I can’t wait to share my new stories with you and let you know what amazing finds I have found. I will be out of the country for three weeks, so I will not be able to write any answers to your blog posts until I return.
I am looking forward to being with you during the holiday weekend – make sure to tune in on November 28th.

Safe travels,

Update on Sculptured Bowls

The Jay King Sculptured Bowl that was offered in October will not be available, due to shortage of material, until sometime in late January or February.

Answers to Questions:

Barbara, CA I hear you, I’m always looking for new clip-on findings, and this is something that I always have in the back of my mind. JLinda, MO I’m working on developing clip-ons. Problem is finding a quality clip that will stand the test of time. J
Janet, WI If you want to go to customer service, key word Jay King…if you drop us a note we will see if we can help you. J
D, SC Thanks, I will mention this in the design meeting. We have played with this idea in the past, J
Furmom As you saw we brought 500 of the smaller bowls and sold out during the first hour. We are in the process now of trying to make more of the larger bowls. J
Janet, UT This is a constant request. I have made clips in the past. Problem is the findings tend to wear out after normal wear, and then they fall off. I am looking for a good finding. I am open to suggestions if you know of a good finding you like. J
Rodna, MO We probably won’t be bringing that one back, but we will design others. J
Rodna, MO Please contact me by going to Customer Service, keyword Jay King. I can’t imagine what happened, but rest assured I’ll take good care of you. J
Selina, CA Please go to customer service enter keyword Jay King, then send me a note with your information and request and I’ll see what I can do. J
Ellen, CA Thanks for the suggestion. I will try harder to explain if they are heavy. The TS for December is amazing. J
Denise, IN Thanks for the idea. I’ll mention this in the next design meeting. J
Leslie, CA Thank you so much for your support. J
Deloris, NY Thanks..sorry you missed out. I am in the process of buying more turquoise now, J
Patti, NV Thanks for sharing. We are working on more now. The Lapis bowl is coming. J
Monica, VA I’m so glad you are pleased with your bowl. The Lapis bowls are in the works.J
925 Raine, FL Thanks for your support. Hope you love them. We are working on more now. Watch for the December TS it’s great. J
Regina, CA We will be making many larger and multi color designs in the future. J
Julie, IL Thanks for your support; I hope you love your bowl. J
Richard I hear you. We are working on many new designs right now. J
Littlebug2, TX Thanks for the ideas. I don’t have any more Campitos at this time, but I am looking for more. I’m designing with clear quartz now. J
Sandra SPM, VA Thank you so much for your support. I use my bowls in a similar way at my house. I will think about the book. J
Diane, FL Thank you for the idea. You can always contact me through customer service enter keyword Jay King, and then write to me at the address provided. J
Miss Shari, GA Thank you for the idea, we are working on a website with stone information. J
Donna, CA Sorry you missed out. Please go to customer service enter keyword Jay King, and then send me a note with your information. I will see what I can do. J
Cheryl, CO Thank you so much for the support, we have more bowls in the process. J
NJ I just found some rough; I am working on new designs. J
Lori, TX Thanks for watching and your support. J
Gerry, MT Please go to customer service enter keyword Jay King and write me a note with your info and I will try to help you out. J
Carol, AZ Do me a favor….Go to customer service enter keyword Jay King then drop me a line with contact info and I will contact you. J
Dorelei, MD Go to customer service, enter keyword Jay King and write me a note and we will see what we can do. J
Septina, MI I’m sorry this has happened to you. We constantly work with HSN on packaging. Please go to customer service keyword Jay King and drop me a note with your info, I will contact you. I will take care of your problem. J
Jane, IL Thanks for the idea. Can you go to customer service keyword Jay King? Drop me a line with your info and request. I will see what I can do. J
Marilyn We won’t be bringing that design back, but I am working on other Amber designs. J
T, TN Hi it comes from Utah we do have more Variscite designs coming. J
E, CA Thanks for your idea. I have not but will discuss it at our next design meeting. J
Carol, FL Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to us. J
Fred, CA We are in the process of making Lapis bowls. I will give you heads up on the blog when they are coming. J
Joanne, FL Thanks for the support. We will have heart designs in the future. J
Erika, MI I’ll consider your idea, in the next design meeting I will bring it up. J
FW, OK We have Kingman turquoise coming up in many new designs. J
Sylvia, TX Sorry if you have written us and not got a reply, we didn’t get your letter. Make sure and put all your information with a way we can contact you. We will make sure it gets repaired. J
Mary, MN We will have many more designs coming up. Hope you find something you like. J
Ellen, CA Thanks for your support, I hope you will see something you like in the near future. I have some great designs coming up. J
Linda, CA Thanks for the input, it’s a great idea. J

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