Hal Rubenstein Dress Tips

You know why men are jealous of women?  Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here’s one to consider right now – Men try so hard to look cool.   But for a guy to pull off ‘cool’ requires so many pieces of equipment: a tailored jacket, a fitted shirt, a thin tie with a dimple, a leather belt with a not-too shiny buckle, and pants cut so well they make you look at least an inch taller.
All a woman needs is the right dress.
Step in.  Zip up.  You’re done.
That’s all it takes for a woman to look her best.
As a guy, I have to tell you, I don’t know women don’t wear dresses all the time.
Not only are dresses cool, timesaving, and comfortable, they have power.  Pick one with bold stripes it makes others happy.  Choose one in jersey and watch it gloss over most of the stuff that makes you nervous. Select a cut or drape on the diagonal and you might be amazed at how much you like your figure.  Or wear one made of lace and someone may start bringing you flowers.
Men may be jealous of women because all you need is one garment makes looking cool so easy, but, the thing is, when they see you in a dress, boy do they love to suffer!

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