Grow Longer Locks with These Winter Hair Care Tips

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Fairytale-style long hair isn’t limited to the silver screen, although Disney’s Cinderella release is coming up!, when you know the proper way to care for your tresses. Stylists know the secret for how to achieve real long locks is with the right daily maintenance and products, and careful styling. Drop those bobby pins, rubber bands, and brushes until you read these winter hair care tips to make sure your mane is getting the best treatment.


1. Follow the Three A Week Rule


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If we shampoo our hair every day we might feel squeaky clean but it’s actually too much of a good thing. Without the oils our strands will soon feel dry, be more prone to breaking, and frizz from the lack of moisture. Our scalp produces natural oils that our hair needs for nourishment. Try to shampoo only three times a week to regain balance. If you feel really oily in between wash days try using a dry shampoo like from Amika.


2. Change Your Products With The Times


Shop for Hair Care Supplies on HSN


Switching up your hair’s routine should be as regular as refreshing your skincare regimen. Adjust your products for the seasons when hair may be dryer, oilier, or sun bleached. Right now in winter, dry air calls for adding extra moisture to your hair. Ecru NY has a great line of products to give your hair intensive repair and preventative treatments like their Acacia Protein Oil & BB Cream Duo.


3. Rotate Your Hair Styles


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One culprit of brittle hair that resists growing is our daily styling. If we tie back our hair in the same place repeatedly it will weaken at that point. The same goes for bobby pins, hair clips and twists. Get healthier hair by switching between different styles, or let your hair hang loose and embrace your natural texture. Also avoid tying back wet hair as its more fragile, instead detangle with a wide-tooth comb like from Taya Beauty and let it air dry 75% before styling.


4. Take Your Vitamins


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It’s no coincidence that pregnant women often see a growth in their hair, and improvements in their nails and skin. Expecting mothers take prenatal vitamins that are rich in necessary nutrients like iron, folic acid, and biotin that promotes hair growth. Andrew Lessman’s digital vitamin experience can provide information on a range of vitamins, like the Healthy Hair Skin & Nails supplement is a must-have for those of us looking to have longer, healthier hair.


5. Pay Attention to Pillow Time


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On average we spend about 2,000 hours a year sleeping. Spending that much time on our pillows it’s worth it to also take care of hair at night. For better hair care while sleeping never have your hair tied up, and choose a silk or high-thread count pillow cover to also reduce friction on hair follicles.


Don’t forget to show some love to your skin and nails with great products from Deborah Lippman and Elizabeth Arden too!


What do you suffer from most in the winter? Brittle nails, chapped lips, rough hair or dry skin?

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