Greetings from Tucson

Greeting from Tucson, Arizona and the world’s largest gem and jewelry show!
Hi! Oh, the things I have seen in the last 3 days have made me so happy. The gems are so gorgeous. Apatite, Amethyst, Chocolate Tanzanite, Rubies, Rhodochrosite, Columbian Emeralds…beads, beads, beads. You have everything here! Some gems are so rare that they haven’t been seen before in the market, gems so large that you can literally sit on them.

Better Rough StonesRhodochrosite StonesComfortable ShoesShivan with Mr. and Mrs. Jay King
I have run into so many friends here – Veronica Deszberg with all her pearls. I actually sat next to her on the plane from Dallas into Tucson! Small world, right? Jay King and his crew were at the same tent show I stopped by on my way in from the airport. We both had on our comfortable shoes as you can see.
(See last year’s blog about the Tucson Gem Fair for the back story.)
Victoria Wieck is here with her stone sources. Melanie from Studio Barse and Sally C’s team are making the rounds too. We made lots of new friends who are going to bring Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Spinel and even more! I can’t wait to show them all to you.
I’m rushing to catch my plane out of Tucson, but I wanted to update you on an exciting new development! For the first time since February 2004, we are doing a loose stone show, Gems on the Loose, on February 12th at 2pm ET. Please tune in and watch. The finds are spectacular and very affordable. I cannot wait to talk to you about these stones! Tell your collector friends so we can talk and shop. It has been a long time coming, but we finally are back with loose stones on air! (You wanted it, you got it!)
Rock on!
P.S. I wanted to respond to some of your questions! Thanks so much for making our Tucson Gem event so much fun and for commenting on my blog.
Courtney, IL – So, you want to know about how to wear jade? You can start small or go for a few key selections. If you are the year of the Horse, you are cheerful, popular, quick-witted and flexible. Does that sound right? I have a favorite bracelet for you. Take a look at 738-835 it is a white carved lotus themed bangle. GORGEOUS!
Several of you wanted to know about the Jay King Bowl. I know Marjorie, Jay’s Buyer is working on it. It may be a while, so hang in there. I know Marjorie reads your comments, so Joan, NJ your idea about the purse zipper pulls will be considered for sure.
Speaking of Jay King. I needed to label the photos better for you in the Tucson edition of the blog. The gorgeous blonde next to Jay in the photo is Sheila, his girlfriend. They are perfect for each other. She is also a world traveler and is lovely.
Deborah, VA- if you want to be a Buyer for HSN, look at the Careers at HSN tab on the bottom of our home page. It would be the best place to start. We are always looking for new talent. I love working here and bet you would too.

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