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Grace Choi, a 27-year-old inventor and entrepreneur is this week’s Homemade Millionaire winner. From Bayside, New York, this Cornell University graduate attributes her success and inspiration to her parents. She says, “They are the most loving, caring, brave, kind, understanding, hard-working and happy people I know. They are my angels and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.” Grace’s sweet sincerity is reflected in her elegant, easy-to-wear jewelry line, even if it was created out of frustration. More on that below…
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We chatted with Grace to find out what some of her most memorable Homemade Millionaire moments were, and why we should make her product a part of our lives.

How did you come up with the idea for Grace Choi Collections jewelry?

Out of frustration! I love jewelry, but I hated having to decide between buying the bold necklace that I would absolutely die for, but would probably wear only once, or the more conservative necklace that I would wear more often, but wouldn’t give me the same “Wow” factor as the bold one. I wanted it all! Also, I didn’t want to have to buy a necklace, and then spend the extra time and money buying matching earrings and bracelets. I wanted the freedom to customize my jewelry to match any outfit and any occasion. All this led me to create the Grace Choi Collections jewelry line.
Tell us about your “this is it” moment—the moment you knew that this product would make your dreams come true.
It didn’t hit me that I actually had gotten on HSN until I was down at the HSN studios taping my Quick Buy commercial. As I was chatting with the beautiful and multi-talented Kathy Wolf, I glanced over at a screen and saw an item number next to my necklaces. A real item number! That’s when I realized that this was for real.
What are some ups and downs of the invention process? Any memorable or funny stories about testing your invention?

As I was designing my faux fur necklace, I sought the help of the best furrier in New York City. The best furrier in New York City happens to be a very chatty man. One night I stopped by his studio to pick up some samples, and he spent three hours explaining to me the entire process of making potato vodka. Needless to say, I now know a lot about potato vodka.
What is the one, absolute reason why people should make your product a part of their lives?
My pieces were created to make people feel beautiful, because when people feel beautiful they feel happy. There is nothing else more important in life than being happy.
Now that you’re a Homemade Millionaire and HSN success story, what’s your next step, dream or goal?
I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with creating and designing women’s fashion products. I’m super excited to add more pieces to my jewelry line–I’m making this tiger necklace that is going to be absolutely ridiculous! I also hope to expand into women’s footwear, apparel and accessories in the near future.
Most importantly, I’m really excited to hit the road and start meeting some of my customers! I really want to be a hands-on designer, and listen to what my clients want to see from me.
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