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Dear Friends,
I am so looking forward to my jewelry shows on April 28th.  I have designed a terrific new collection for you, using sunbursts and starbursts set with faux turquoise, corals, and pearls. And, of course, plenty of clear crystals to make all of it sparkle as if with diamonds. I’ve created plenty of colorful, enameled and faux-jewel studded bangles for you, like the “Golden Sunburst Bangles” with their matching “Golden Sunburst Rings” in black and white, coral and turquoise, or ivory and jade colors. There are also some other really dramatic “over-scaled” cocktail rings which I call ” The Constellation Ring” that ties back to my new “Constellation Necklace” in either faux turquoise or coral. » Shop the Sunburst collection now

I hope you will like all these new pieces as much as I do.  Another really great new suite, the Barocco Suite”  includes a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings in faux black diamonds, set in the most wonderful organic shapes, looking just like beaten gold.  This new “Barocco Suite” represents a very modern and young new look which I have designed just for you!
Something else I’ve wanted to do for a long time is a group of “hugger, clip-on” hoop earrings and hinged bangle bracelets, which I have called “The Baguette Suite” that’s made with large-scaled faceted emerald-cut crystals in your choice of faux black diamond, blue zircon, amethyst or green fluorite coloration–all of them perfect for day or night!

I look forward to showing you this new collection which I have designed exclusively for you and HSN. I look forward to your calls, your comments to this blog, and your reviews on hsn.com. I also love and look forward to seeing  photographs of you wearing my jewelry designs and receiving your messages on my Facebook page: Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry on Facebook
Until soon then…
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