GoldiBlox to the Zipmail Rescue with Adam Freeman

GoldiBlox to the Zipmail Rescue with Adam Freeman


Technical difficulties with our computers can be so frustrating, but luckily Adam knows how to go back to basics when he needs to deliver a message for the Monday Night Show fast. Snail mail? Oh please, don’t make Adam laugh, he’s far more sophisticated than that! Adam uses high priority Zipline mail with guaranteed speedy delivery by your daughter or niece’s new favorite action figure–GoldiBlox! With Goldi to the rescue she can zip around your house, car, the park–pretty much no project is too big for her, and she brings along tools and a storybook to add to the entertainment.


Incase you missed the Monday Night Show from December 15th, Adam met the founder of GoldiBlox, Debbi Sterling, and also sat down with Shark Tank’s Daymond John to talk about his Locator Tag 5pk, the answer to never losing your phone again.


Adam also took a closer look at the:

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David’s Cookie 100ct  with Adina

TS Knight Hawk Pen with Lori Leland

Hunter Retro single heater with Art Massey

Charger with Daymond John

Dash Blender with Kelly Diedring

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