Get With The System And Love The Benefits of Windows 10

Get With The System And Love The Benefits of Windows 10


New advances in electronics always get me super excited, so when Microsoft launched their latest operating system, Windows 10, I knew I had to give you guys my run down!


An operating system, often shortened to just “OS”, is a translator of sorts between our computers and us. Instead of having to learn complex codes of computer speak all we have to do is download an OS and we’re good to go. The new Windows 10 is like the OS best friend we’ve always wanted. It’s drama-free, compatible to our personality, and always ready to help.


We’ve all probably used a version of the Windows OS at some point, but here are some big differences with the new Windows 10:


1. A Simpler Start Menu

Sometimes less is more, and Microsoft recognized that fact by simplifying the new Windows 10 Start menu. Going back to a more traditional look, the Start Menu will conveniently feature the All Apps setting, as well as everything from folders to familiar Windows settings and controls. You can also add shortcuts to places like Documents and Downloads folders for quick and easy access.


2. Customized To You

The other great change with Windows 10 is how easy it is personalize. Isn’t it so annoying when we can’t adjust a preloaded setting? Well, with Windows 10 – we’ve got the power! On the right side of the Start Menu, you’ll see all kinds of Windows apps, in the form of tiles. We can drag and resize apps like Calendar, Mail, and News for how we’d like them to appear and based on what works best for us. No one-size-fits-all approach here!


3. A Better Way to Search

Ever lost track of what folder you saved a file to? Been there! Windows 10 just made our search for files a lot easier with an all-in-one search field that’s right on the Start Menu. Key in your search words and scan your whole computer for what you need. But that’s not all; this new search field also lets us search the internet! Say you’re looking for recipe ideas; you can browse through saved recipes on your computer or find new recipes off the web all at the same time. Two-in-one perfection!


4. Cortana Compatible

Windows Phone 8.1 introduced Cortana, our ready-to-help personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Cortana works off voice technology so we can dictate notes, calendar appointments, or request searches and she’ll take care of the rest. Windows 10 boosts Cortana’s ability to help us with dual integration between our computers, tablets and phones. As long as we’re using the same Microsoft ID, any note Cortana jots down for us on our phone will also be available to us on our other devices.


5. FREE Upgrades

Seriously, does anyone not like free?! Well, if you already use Windows 7 or 8 you’re entitled to a free upgrade to the new 10! There’s absolutely nothing to lose, except maybe the chance to personalize and enjoy your tech even more.


As always, I’m here to help with any of your tech needs and offer advice on some my latest favorites. What are you guys most excited for with the new Windows 10?

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