Get In The Loop with New Fall Earrings

Get In The Loop with New Fall Earrings

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Now that the weather is starting to really feel like fall we have an excuse to throw some extra layers on, including when it comes to the earrings departments. Okay, so maybe earrings aren’t the best way to actually keep our lobes warmer but they certainly help to heat up our look. These fall earrings have got us set with style for every crisp morning and every chilly night out.


1. A New Hoop

V-Shape Hoop Earrings by AKKAD

Ready for a new twist on a classic earring? Try v-shaped hoops! These V-Shape Hoop Earrings by AKKAD dial up the intensity of the angular design with jet-black gemstones lined with goldtone to make it pop. Set in a medium thick frame, these earrings will be able to hold their own against fabric heavy looks like sweater dresses or dense dusters that we’ll be breaking out with regularity for fall. In its chic black shade it can work great for fancy occasions too.


2. All A Flutter

Butterfly-Design Hoop Earrings

After a long, hot summer this autumn weather is a welcome respite and one that’s putting a spring back in our steps. With a lighter attitude we deserve to indulge in some whimsical accessories like these Butterfly-Design Hoop Earrings. With delicate metalwork and a variety of blue and white crystal accents these hoops impart a fresh feel to an outfit. Pair it with a peasant dress and scarf for a fluttering fall look.


3. Think Inside The Loop

Crystal Doorknocker Drop Earrings

Hoops get another new adjustment for fall in the form of drop earrings with a concentric circular design. These Crystal Doorknocker Drop Earrings feature graduated columns of rounded, bezel set crystals for another mesmerizing detail that combined with the spherical style grabs our attention. Of course the Siam color of these earrings are also perfect for the primary colors of fall, and work wonderfully to highlight a berry lipstick.


4. Labradorite Love

"Oh So Real" Labradorite and CZ Oval Drop Earrings

Labradorite has the reputation of being a stone to signify transformations. Its own color seems to fluidly change depending on the light, and this also makes it a perfect gemstone for fall when literally everything is undergoing change. Capture a little piece of this spirit and try out some different styles this season like these  “Oh So Real” Labradorite and CZ Oval Drop Earrings. We’re pretty sure you’ll be charmed by this pleasant change.


5. Double Drama

"Regal Style" Crystal Baguette Goldtone Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings

If you like to wear your accessories not just as a complement to a look but as the statement that makes the outfit then you’ll need an earring that can really bring the power. These “Regal Style” Crystal Baguette Goldtone Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings are definitely up to the job. The crystal cut stones line both the outside frame of the hoop and line the inside increasing their ability to reflect light and really give an outfit some shine. The angled setting of the crystals also gives this earring more interesting detail that enlivens a look more than a simple chrome hoop.


What earring styles are you cozying up to this season?

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