Get Dramatic Lashes In 3 Steps With Grandiose Mascara

Get Dramatic Lashes With Grandiose Mascara


When it comes to having a fresh face that is awake and pretty attention should always be paid to the eyes. It’s the first attribute we notice about a person and it’s the one we always return to. Give the appearance of full and voluminous lashes to frame your eyes and capture everyone’s attention with the Grandiose Mascara set. Try these expert tips from Lancôme to transform your lashes and create a new look.


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1. Prep Your Mascara

When you’re ready to pump up your eye’s look, gently swirl your Grandiose mascara around in the tube to coat the brush. All you need is one pump in the tube to properly coat your brush  in formula for clump-free application.


2. Perfect Curling

Use the Le Curler starting at the base of your lashes and hold for about 3-5 seconds for a naturally flattering curl. For an even more enhanced curl start at the base, then move to the middle of the lash, and eventually the tip gently curling again at each step.


3. Apply At Angles

Angled brushes make it easier to apply the mascara in a natural motion and get extra lift and length. The Grandiose mascara comes with a unique swan-neck shaped brush for this very purpose. Start at the base of your lashes and lightly wiggle the wand back and forth to ensure you’re catching the very root lashes. Pull up slowly from here and you’ll get longer, fuller lashes.


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