Get A Glimpse of Spring Beauty In 4 Makeup Styles

Get A Glimpse of Spring Beauty In 4 Makeup Styles

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The birds may not yet be chirping or the flowers yet in bloom but we can feel it in our bones–spring is on the way. Of course the arrival of spring means it’s time to change up our signature styles and no fashion is as easy and noncommittal to play with as our makeup. Get new ideas for your spring look with the top 4 makeup styles of the season.


1. A Streak of Blue

A Streak of Blue

A colorful accessory adds that certain pop of surprise and intrigue to our outfits and this year we can play with the same idea for our eye makeup. Blue eyeliner is the newest trick to refresh our faces and brighten our eyes. But don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily take an electric blue hue to reap the beauty benefits of this new style. Navy blues, baby blues and even turquoises can still give our eyes that extra definition to make them stand out. Try the Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner in Sapphire for a bolder shade for evening looks and the Korres Volcanic Minerals Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Navy for a relaxed day look.


2. Bronzed Before Summer

Bronzed Before Summer

Although spring isn’t exactly known as being beach season we can pretend like it is with our makeup styles. Glowing faces flawlessly done up in bronzer and highlighter is what the spring season is calling for. Convince your coworkers, family, and friends that your long weekend was spent on a sun-kissed beach with a little help from a highlighter palette like the Shimmer Cube from Lancôme. It has a variety of colors that works for various skin types and outfits depending on the shades you wish to play up.


3. Candy Apple Lips

Candy Apple Lips

Red lips for winter? Of course. But red lips for spring? Yes and with a twist! Candy apple red will be our go-to lip shade for spring with its juicy and bold color that is almost on the edge of pink. It’s a happy medium that will lead us out of the dark cold days of winter into the cheerier and warmer months leading up to summer. Wear this style matte and with a fresh-faced, minimal makeup for a day look, and pair it with a subtle cat eye for a date night look.


4. Dusk All Day

Dusk All Day

Pinks, peaches, and taupes will still get their time in the sun this spring and when we wear them it will be for a full face look. Lucky for us pink is the most universally flattering shade on everyone. Try matching a neutral pink palette like the Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Olive Soleil by Lancôme with a pink lip from the Gloss in Love Parisian Trio to test out this look. Aim for complimentary pink shades between your eyes and lips, not exact matches to create a softer, more natural look.


Which spring makeup style are you ready to try first?

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