Gem Month

October is GEM MONTH at HSN!
This special event has been in the works since the Tucson Gem Fair in February. When I walked that show with Sandy, our Gem Buyer, she was cherry picking stones for this very special occasion. This marks our second anniversary of an entire month devoted to gems. Each Wednesday look for special edition shows devoted to the natural beauty of Mother Earth. Most of the collections have taken since the beginning of the year to create. The whole month is packed with great jewelry treats. If you love exotic gems be sure to tune in on October 7th at midnight (that is the 6th going into the 7th – it can be very confusing). The Today’s Special is going to be every modern gem girl’s dream come true.
Carol Brodie is back for her monthly extravaganza with Rarities. Have you seen all the press she has gotten for this line? It is everywhere! My favorite talk show host’s magazine gave her some really nice press last month. What can I say? When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Sandy who has worked side by side with Carol has done a gorgeous job of bringing the best of HSN’s buying power with Carol’s flair and personality. The line is all about heirloom quality with a modern twist.
Here are a couple of sneak peeks for you into what you can expect in Gem Month at HSN. Bicolor Tourmaline is one of the surprises of the event. If you are familiar with Amitrine or the colors of Fluorite, you’ve seen  how the layers of the same gem are in different colors in the same ring or sample of rough. These layers can look so perfect they almost look unnatural, but it is the way the rock was formed in the earth. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?  Tourmaline can have the same qualities and even look like a slice of watermelon! I don’t ever recall us bringing in bicolor Tourmaline before now. So if you are a collector, please look for it during October. The first time I ever saw Watermelon Tourmaline was at a gem and mineral show about 20 years ago.  I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was so pretty and hard to figure out how it came to be. That’s Mother Nature – keeping us on our toes.

Jay King Turquoise with Gold-Color Matrix Sterling Silver Earrings
Jay King Turquoise with Gold-Color
Matrix Sterling Silver Earrings
Jay King is bringing nine new finds! Be sure to check them all out on I love working with Jay. He and I are going to bring you 6 hours this visit. Sunday, October 4th at 11 am and Monday, October 6th at 9 am. There are so many new things! Don’t miss a minute!  I just read his blog – very cool stuff. There is even Turquoise with Gold matrix! What the heck? Sounds great! Did you love his trunk show? I hope you were able to get something special for yourself before it sold out entirely.
So what are you doing on Wednesday nights in October starting on the 7th? The primetime shows start at 10 pm and there are going to be amazing shows at 1 pm too. I think every hour is primetime at HSN, but clearly I am biased. Here are some of the show titles to look for:

  • Princess Jaipur Collection
  • Nicky Butler
  • Pearl Designs by Veronica
  • Dallas Prince Premiere
  • Victoria Wieck Gemstones
  • Gems on the Rocks
  • Technibond
  • Exotics, precious, semi-precious, diamonds, amber, and pearls in silver & gold
  • Special cut Gems

You will also see genuine gems in Technibond too.
I would add a photo of me writing this blog to you, but I don’t think you need to see me in my robe and fuzzy slippers.  I’ll try to grab some more photos of behind the scenes at HSN soon – robe and slippers will be no where in sight!
Here is to a wonderful wonder-filled Fall! Xoxo Shivan

Answers to Questions:

This is to Barb in OR – Barb, I am so glad you liked that necklace it is made out of the shells of the mollusks of Tahiti. They are from Tahitian Pearl Farmers! It is a fabulous necklace. You have amazing taste! Ok – the necklace is going to be in my Tahitian Pearl Show on November 7th at 10am EST. You will have to wake up pretty early to see the show, but I promise it will be worth it. In regards to the Leopard dishes from Highgate Manor, I have forwarded your request to the Buyer and they are working on it for early 2010. Thanks for your comment! Shivan

Dear Carol, I wanted to address your question ASAP regarding Turquoise. I e-mailed Jay your comment and he quickly responded. Here you go!

Please tell her this from me. I’m sorry if she might have misunderstood me, so please let me clarify this for you in writing. Less than 5% of turquoise is natural. To be called natural that means you take it out of the ground cut it, polish it and set it in the design. The problem is that turquoise is a hydrated stone. That means over time by handling it, it can absorb oils, chemicals, ect. It can then change colors. We have used natural Sleeping Beauty in our designs. It is very rare and very expensive. We typically use stabilized turquoise from around the world. This is not something new. Ancient people actually stabilized their turquoise using bee’s wax. Stabilizing is just that, making the turquoise stable so it won’t change color over time. Some of the most expensive turquoise in the world is stabilized.
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