Gem Day

Gem Day is January 20! It only happens once a year on HSN. Twenty-four hours of pure bliss if you are a gemstone jewelry fanatic. Gem Day is Jan 20th this year and it also lets you preview the rest of the year in fine jewelry at HSN. You can expect to see Richard Palermo’s Hidden Gems, Sima K, the premier of Hillary Joy Collection, Dallas Prince, Princess Jaipur and Gem Nouveau.
This is one of my favorite days of the year at HSN. All day we are going to be showing and sharing jewels and gems of all sizes, colors and shapes.If you are always on the look out for superior colorful stones like  Flourite, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Alexandrite and Prasiolite, and you like your stones set in precious metals don’t miss a minute. I even have an hour of Candy Coated Gems. This was because you wanted more! There are new developments how natural stones are made even more mesmerizing.  I can’t wait to tell you about it on air!
The Today’s Special on Gem Day has been in the works since the International Gem Show in Tuscon last year. The design, the stones, the story behind it are all so delicious. It is a return to femininity and is definitely heirloom quality.

Today's Special: Prasiolite & Alexandrite
Gem Day Today’s Special: Prasiolite & Alexandrite “Gem Nouveau” Ring
Speaking of heirloom, do you have any treasures from the Victorian, Art Nouveau or Edwardian Periods? Here is a quick guide to some of the most important influential periods of jewelry:
Victorian 1837-1901 – named for England’s Queen Victoria. It is a reflection of sentimental themes such as hearts, flowers, and romance.  Diamonds starting to really take off in popularity because of the discovery of large deposits, but also because of the introduction of the lightbulb in the late 1800’s! We love our sparkle!
Art Nouveau 1890-1915 – named for the emphasis on craftsmanship and design versus raw materials. There were critters and fantastical creatures created in jewelry. Pearls and Opals were prized as was enamel work inspired by Asian art.
Edwardian 1901-1915  – Edward was the son of Queen Victoria and here is where swirls and twirls came into the mix. The jewelry was lacy, delicate, full of garlands, ribbons and bows. Millgrained details were everywhere. Butterflies, crowns, wings, and feathers were all the rage. The feminine shape inspired many designs. Diamonds were popular and were typically set in Platinum.
When  you put all these periods together and combine the influences with the exquisite taste of our  Gemstone Buyer, Sandy, you have the makings of a gorgeous Today’s Special. When you wear it, people may assume that you inherited it or that you won the highest bid at the auction!  It is the best of old world styling and modern feminine design combined.
Check back in a few days for my Countdown to Tuscon blog.
Happy Gem Day!
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