For Sweat or Style? Athleisure Is A Mean Multitasker

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Is she on her way to the gym or is she on her way to brunch? The destination is irrelevant when your outfit looks this stylish. Athleisure clothing combines the fit and comfort of athletic clothes with the style and details of our favorite daily fashions. With this two-for-one style our outfits can serve double duty for running errands or meeting up with friends for a coffee date. Don’t sweat over how to pair up an athleisure look, we’ve got some inspiration for how to assemble your outfits.


1. The Foundation

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Leggings are the best foundation of athleisure because of their high versatility. Perfect for sporty activities like yoga, kickboxing, or running leggings can also transform in our wardrobes for pairing with peasant tops, tunics, and short dresses. Since our look is going to be relaxed but stylish with an athleisure outfit, we’ll want a legging that’s more fashion forward. Try a bottom with unique patterns like this contrast moto legging by Serena Williams or one in a statement color like this flattering-fit waistband legging by Liz Lange.

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2. Adding Layers


Athleisure outfits are all about convenience in their ability to go straight from one activity to another with no loss of time or forsaking your style. Part of how they achieve is by building an overall look through layers. Tops like these contrasting tees are great for adding pops of color to an outfit and can be used interchangeably. It’s also good to note that tops can be kept semi basic if your bottoms are heavily detailed but feel free to experiment on layers with unique cuts. Asymmetrical cardigans or a unique throw like this metallic thread net poncho are perfect for dressing up an athleisure outfit.

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3. Finishing Footwear

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Sneakers and sporty flats aren’t just for the kids anymore since brands like Naturalizer have amped up the stylish appeal of athletic footwear. We still love our high heels but every now and then it feels great to go laidback in a shoe like this printed slip-on. Indulge in the funky designs and fun colors you’ve always secretly loved. Athleisure makes it easy to rethink our outfits to incorporate these different types of shoes into our more regular rotation.


What’s a time that you had to go straight from a work out to another appointment? How did you style your outfit?

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