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It’s no coincidence that flight attendants look amazing even after grueling all-night flights and long layovers; they’ve got travel beauty down to a science. But for the rest of us infrequent flyers, rules and restrictions can force us to sacrifice the essentials of our beauty routines. With a little thoughtful planning we can have our convenience and make it to our destination still feeling fresh. Check out these travel beauty tips and toiletries kit ideas for your next trip.


1. Moisturize To Ward Off Dry Skin

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Airplane cabins have very low humidity which causes skin to lose moisture fast. Dry skin will attempt to amend for water loss by producing more oil which leads to cakey-looking makeup, shiny faces, and breakouts. Prepare for travel with an intensive moisturizer that can form a barrier wall between skin and the dry air. For the sensitive skin on the face and neck this 3-piece Travel Kit by Prai provides deep moisture plus powerful peptides and antioxidants to fend off damage caused by dehydration. For spot application on hands, elbows, and legs this Shea Butter Sweet Almond Body Butter with 3 Minis by Perlier is ideal for tucking in a carry on.

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2. Apply Sunscreen For In-Flight Protection

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When we fly we’re closer to the powerful UV rays from the sun but most of us forget this fact since we’re inside a mostly closed-off space. However, airplane windows aren’t tinted for UV protection and light that enters the cabin will affect our skin the same way as if we were outside sunbathing. To protect skin from UV exposure we can layer an SPF like UV-Defense SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer over your regular base hydrating layer.


3. Post-Flight Maintenance

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Once we reach our final destination we should cleanse skin and gently exfoliate to remove any buildup of dead and dry skin cells that may have accumulated while flying. A mild scrub like this Exfoliating Polish relies on microbeads and Salicylic acid to be gentle on skin after the shock of flying. After exfoliation skin will need renewed hydration to restore brightness and luminosity. Hydrating facial masks like these 4-pack Gel Facial Masks by Serious Skincare have a high water content to put moisture back into skin thoroughly.

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4. Bringing The Tools We Need

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The dry air during flying also affects our hair affects, charging it with a lot of static. To tame the flyaways and frizzy strands of post-flight hair we’ll want to restore moisture with a nourishing conditioner. Changing climates in travel can also make our hair unpredictable and we’ll need hot tools to regain styles. Some hotel rooms may provide a complimentary blow dryer but it’s rarely as powerful and as comfortable as our own hot tools from home. Investing in a kit like this Travel Hair Dryer and Styling Iron with Carrying Case by FHI Heat is also great for use at the airport if you need to go straight from a flight to an appointment.


What are your upcoming travel plans and what’s one product you always take with you?

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