Flex Your Spending Power Smarter These Holidays

Flex Your Spending Power Smarter These Holidays


You can feel it in the air, holiday fever is about to set in. The savviest shoppers among us already know who and what they’re buying for but how you plan to shop is what makes all the difference. Keep a cool head during the holidays with the FlexPay master plan. Forget about anytime you’ve ever been a day late or a dollar short on that oh-so-perfect item because FlexPay is about to redefine your shopping experience.


FlexPay is the budget-friendly, intuitive shopping pal every girl needs. It gets you the items you need now and helps you set up a convenient way to pay them off over time. This way when you find the right gift, nothing stands between you and holiday victory.


Here are the 5 specifics to know on FlexPay:


1. Interest-Free Deals

We know that price point is clutch, especially around the holidays, and that’s why FlexPay is 100% interest free. The only price we charge is the original price of the item, tax and shipping and handling. We do suggest making sure to brush up on the terms and conditions of your individual credit card agreement to make sure your credit provider contract is friendly with carry over monthly charges.


2. No Exclusive Credit Card Required

Debit, credit, PayPal–how do you most prefer to finance your purchases? To use FlexPay you do not have to use an HSN Credit Card or be a registered HSN Credit Card holder. Take advantage of FlexPay with any account you choose!


3. Skip The Layaway Wait

You hunt for that one perfect item you need, you find it, you put it on FlexPay and you get it right away! FlexPay isn’t your average layaway program. With FlexPay your purchase ships to you immediately after you make the first payment installation plus tax, and shipping and handling. Shop, Flex, Receive–repeat!


4. Plan For Success

When it comes to holiday shopping you have to have a game plan and FlexPay is your smart new strategy. FlexPay lets you tackle that long shopping list early so you’ve got something for everyone well before the holiday parties commence. It also helps you keep your budget on track with conveniently scheduled monthly payments. Suddenly that mountain of holiday shopping looks pretty climbable, huh?


5. Rotating FlexPay Favorites

We like to keep items available for purchase through FlexPay fresh with the changing seasons! That means if you see an item you love, love, love listed as a FlexPay option buy it now before it goes into hibernation until next season. Also, always be on the lookout for newly added goodies to FlexPay purchasing.


With gifts on FlexPay it’s never been easier to shop for him, her, and of course, yourself!



Who’s on your FlexPay shopping list these holidays?

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