Flaunt What You’ve Got In Jewelry This Fall

Flaunt What You’ve Got In Jewelry This Fall


Hi girls! I am going to talk about two of the newest fall trends for this upcoming season and about how I would incorporate some of my newest pieces to work with the trend!


Bling bling bling!! It’s back ladies, our sparkling bling has made a huge comeback! For the past few seasons we have seen that minimalistic look dominate the jewelry industry! However, for fall 2015 it’s time to stray away from that simplistic and minimalistic look.


This season, jewelry with that sparkle of femininity is back! Plus, daytime jewels just add a much needed lavishness to some of those conservative work clothes. During fashion week this year, we were dazzled to see a trend of ornate, heirloom pieces paired with classic and casual outfits, for a new timeless yet fashionable look! 


Here are a few suggestions on how to wear your bling!


1. Fall Colors

Wear with some of the Pantone Fall 2015 Colors

Fall 2015 Pantone Colors 


2. Plaid, utility denim and military khakis

Wear a few elaborate pieces to bring a little modern luxury to a relaxed outfit.


3. Sparkle

Try a super glam and sparkly choker or drop necklace for a more fierce and dramatic look. The “I Have Arrived” crystal necklace is perfect for this with 2 rows of individually knotted cream colored baroque pearls that lead to a gorgeous center station with bezel-set pear shaped crystals.

"I Have Arrived" crystal necklace


4. Statement

Try a sparkly statement neck such as the “The Metropolitan”, with a boxy mannish black or gray suit!

“The Metropolitan”


The next trend I am going to talk about is pleats/tassels.


During the fall runway shows we saw designers such as Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Proenza and Burberry showcase fringe/tassels this fall 2015 season! This was somewhat of a shock but a pleasant shock at that! I always get so excited when I see wearable pieces with movement!


These pieces are easily transferable from the runway to the streets. We have seen everything from fringe on sweaters, fringe of evening wear, fringe-y heels and bags, the hem of skirts and you guessed it…Fringe/tassels on jewelry as well! This style adds a fun movement to your outfit. Be daring and deck out in fringe with a long skirt with pleats and a long necklace with tassels, or start with a small amount of fringe-y fab and wear a necklace with a tassel!


This style has many different names, from fringe to car wash pleat/tassel. What exactly does that mean though? The term car wash pleat is exactly what you would have guessed! It is any accessory or piece of clothing that is separated with pleats just like a car wash! A few pieces that works beautifully with this trend are “Avant-Garde Elegance” necklace, “Spectacular Sautoir” Tassel Drop Earrings, and the “Spectacular Sautoir” crystal tassel drop necklace. All of these pieces available on HSN as well!



All of these pieces are just perfect for wearing and feeling instantaneously fabulous! The bottom of the “Spectacular Sautoir” necklace has gorgeous tassel designed drop with pavé round crystals.…which goes perfectly with the tassel trend. This piece offers a classic touch to your outfit and your jewelry collection. If you have never experimented with jewelry with movement this is the perfect collection to get you started! I just love them because, not only are they a fabulous fashion statement but they also provide so much versatility! Make sure to get one of these pieces home and try it out for this upcoming fall season….it will be here before you know it.


What will be your fall jewelry style?

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