Finding the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skintone

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With a rainbow of lip shades available and a slew of inspiring trends this season, how can you cut through the clutter and find the most flattering look for your skin?


It’s easier than you think!  With a few simple guidelines, it’s easy to play with the hottest trends in lip colors without spending too much time playing with swatches …


The Nude Look

Nude is certainly one of the great misnomers in the beauty world.  One woman’s nude is another woman’s nightmare!


The Berry Best

Wine-inspired lip colors are wonderful for evening looks, but there are as many berry tones as there are fine wines!


The True Red Lip

One of the hottest trends this season is a classic red lip, which works on most skintones but can be tricky for paler shades.

If you’re still stumped and looking to short cut to a beautiful lip look, try a value set like Ready to Wear Lip Addiction Lip Gloss Set of 6, and experiment with the shade for you.


What combinations work for you?


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