Finding Her the Perfect Something Sparkly

Shopping for the holidays can be fun but yet frustrating as well!
If you are shopping for jewelry and are not sure what to choose then you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of different types of jewelry to select and picking the right one for the right person can be very hard.  Here are some points that might be helpful.
Below are few important things you need to know about the person you are buying jewelry for.
1. Age
Younger ages tend to like more delicate jewelry, verses more mature women like bolder and big looks.

2. Interests
Please take the time to learn about the interests of that person even if it’s something you don’t particularly enjoyJ, what are their favorite colors, what kind of functions they attend mostly.
3. Occupation
Find out what the person do, for example: if the person is a housewife or works with her hands, she might prefer something more practical than if she is in the cooperate world, she wants something more sophisticated. And if she is an artist, she probably likes more funky looks of jewelry.
4. Personality
A person’s personality has a lot to do with the accessories she wears.  Believe it or not, the more quite, the more unique kind of jewelry they would like!
And if you don’t want to think too much about it, you can always buy a gift certificate from HSN! Not only do they get a great gift that interests them but they can choose something that they will actually use and enjoy.
I like to wish you all happy holiday and a healthy new year!
Love, Sima K, Queen of gems

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