Fight Dry Skin All Winter

What is your #1 skin care/aging concern for 2014?   Is it wrinkles?  Dry skin? Sagging skin?  Acne?  Hyper-pigmentation?  Take a look in the mirror today and get a good look.  What issues do you see?  If you are like most, you will see things that others don’t – or simply see things differently.


If you are like me, when you do this exercise, you may NOT see the obvious AGING issue – like WRINKLES.    If you are also like me – you may see what thousands of American’s now identify as a skincare issue that is more problematic than wrinkles.   That is discoloration.  Hyper-pigmentation. 


Long a greater concern of people in other cultures or nations, skin discoloration has become more and more an issue of concern and a major tell-tale sign of aging.    The technological advances of the last several decades – led by companies like Serious Skincare – allow many of us address those fine lines – and help delay their progression.   


Last year, Serious Skincare began in earnest to refocus and address these concerns.    We launched our Pure Peptide Fading Fluid for Skin Brightening – and it quickly became a customer favorite – and a favorite of my own!


NOW – this month – we are introducing a partner to the Pure Peptide Fading Fluid – the Pure Pep Skin Brightening Booster Pads.  The Pads  are convenient and effective that use exfoliating AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids) to help slough off the dead skin cells – then we added peptide and natural plant ingredients to help reveal an illuminated , more even looking complexion.   The pads will be available as a single – or in a specially priced duo along with the Fading Fluid.


Serious Skincare Pure Peptide Fading Fluid
Serious Skincare Pure Pep Skin Brightening Booster Pads


We have seen great success from clients when they have paired the Fading Fluid with any of our 3 primary skincare regimens – the Vitamin C, the Vitamin A or the Glycolic line… all PERFECT companions to help you address a myriad of issues – particularly hyper-pigmentation.


Wishing you a “clear and bright” 2014! 



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I want to hear your questions and stories! Is skin discoloration a concern to you? Did the Pure Peptide Fading Fluid work? Let me know in the comments below!

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