Fall Update from Adrienne and Signature Club A

Hi Girlfriends,
Fall is here and the weather is beginning to change. Now is the time for you to adjust your skin care regimen to the cooler days ahead and correct any problems from too much summer sun. So check our products on the HSN site and watch our shows for help in choosing the products you need.
My daughter Lauren has been using our new Skin Illuminating Duo and is just so happy with the results that she is getting. The dark spots that she got from too much sun exposure (and not listening to her mother’s advice) are getting lighter and her skin tone is looking brighter and more even. Of course both she and I are dedicated users of our Rapid Transport C Infused line as well as our Platinum Electrocharged Collection. The Platinum targeted, site specific products work on both of our specific problem areas and help both of us achieve better  looking skin. And now all my girlfriends are using it too.
I want to thank all our loyal customers who have been letting us know how much they enjoy watching our shows, using our products and how much younger they look. Suzie0429 told us that she is an educated skin care shopper and has done lots of research about “what is out there” and is totally loyal to Signature Club A and her skin shows the results. Tadicalp says she started using Signature Club A when she was 43 and is now 57 and everyone thinks she is in her 40’s , now that’s what we love to hear. I cannot begin to tell you how much all of you, my girlfriends, mean to me.
My October shows are coming up on October 11th, 12th and 13th and will feature many of the products you need at prices that are kind to your wallet.  Additionally I will be launching a Today’s Special at 12AM on October 13th that I don’t want any of you to miss. I can’t give specifics but the name of it is “Age Defying Star Products” so that should give you a hint about how exceptional it is.   Tune in and shop Signature Club A on hsn.com!
So many of you have been in my care for years and I really want all of you to take good care of your skin and look your very best at any age, especially as we approach the holiday season. So be sure and look for our exciting offerings and the products you need in our upcoming shows and enjoy the Fall season.

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