Fall Uniform

Fall Uniform

Growing up, the words “school uniform” basically meant torture. We all wanted to dress however we wanted, wear what our favorite TV stars were wearing at the time (whether it was Marlo Thomas from That Girl or Krystle Carrington from Dynasty). We wanted to look like we were the ultimate of fashion.
Well, times have changed and now the word uniform is synonymous with chic, sophisticated and right on trend. No one has time anymore to stand in front of their closets for hours on end to pick out “THE” look for the day. We purchase a bunch of fabulous key items for the season, mix and match and hope for the rest, right?
Each season… I do all of that (yes, I can be found guilty spending hours in front of my closet figuring out to what to wear) but for every new season I purchase my key pieces and basically make up my uniform for the season. This way, there is no muss, no fuss each and every morning. I have a pretty good idea of what I will be wearing, know that I feel good in it, and can change it up from time to time with those fabulous accessories I always talk about.
For this past Spring/Summer it was bright colored silk tank tops, skinny pants, high (very high) heels, and breezy colored scarves.
For fall I have started to collect my uniform pieces and I thought that I would share it all with you…
The color red: the power color of the season. I want to make sure that I buy at least one power red accessory and a piece of clothing in the shade… thinking outerwear!?

Barr + Barr Leather Satchel

Barr + Barr Leather Satchel
Sam Edelman Simone Kid Suede Elastic Bootie
Sam Edelman Simone Kid Suede Elastic Bootiel

Curations Cutout Handle Handbag

Curations Cutout Handle Handbag

Terry Lewis Leather Jacket with Ruffle Detail
Terry Lewis Jacket with Ruffle Detail

Sam Edelman
Sam Edelman “Jackson” Suede Flat Boot

DG2 Ponte Knit Boyfriend Blazer
DG2 Ponte Knit Boyfriend Blazer

Curations Grid Chain 17 1/2
Curations Grid Chain 17 1/2″ Necklace

Starlet Jewelry by Hot in Hollywood Animal-Print Cuff Bracelet
Starlet Jewelry by Hot in Hollywood Animal-Print Cuff Bracelet

The bootie: Every season footwear designers always amaze me… they keep coming up with a fabulous must have shoe that I have to buy. For me, it is the suede bootie this season. Instead of buying it in black though, I am going to switch it up a bit and go purple.

Velvet: I am obsessed with velvet dresses or tunics this fall. This will definitely be a uniform piece for me over a thick black tight. Wait until you see the velvet from LouLou de la Falaise in October.
Croco something: If there is croco embossing (who can afford real crocodile!) on it chances are it will be in my uniform for fall.
 I am really loving anything worn with a leather jacket. When I am having one of those “what should I wear days?” the plan is black skinny pant, black turtleneck, leather jacket and a great accessory!
Over the knee boot: Whether it is flat or high, a definite must for those “throw on and go and still look fabulous days” is the over the knee boot that can be cuffed down or cuffed up. Pair it with leggings or a skinny jean and you are set. Image: 423-075
Faux fur: No matter what the silhouette, faux fur looks so good this season make sure to have it some way shape or size. For me, it is all about the vest.
Blazer: My wardrobe staple this past spring is here again for fall- a little longer this time. Maybe I will get it in red?

Something neon:

Neon was so big on the Fall runways. There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your closet; to me it will be with the accessory (although a hot pink cashmere sweater could be perfect too!).
Tough love:

Anything that shows that tough biker chic side of you is essential to mix into the uniform. I like it best when there is only one tough love piece mixed in to a classic look or when you mix and match it with ruffles or florals.

Something sparkly:

Sequins. Enough said. Sequins or something sparkly is an absolute must to wear back with everything this fall. I love it with a classic crisp white button down shirt and jeans or worn as an accent to a cocktail dress. Whatever it is, keep it tonal!

Stack them up! Cuffs stacked up on one arm or both arms are the easiest update to any outfit.

Statement necklace: Someone asked me a while ago what was the ONE item that I must own for fall and my answer was the statement necklace. There are so many fabulous bib statement necklaces this fall, so grab one and go and you are set! I will wear this with anything and everything (I am planning on keeping it in my handbag for those fashion emergency situations when you have to look fabulous at a moments notice).

R.J. Graziano Jet-Color Stone Multistrand Beaded Necklace

R.J. Graziano Jet-Color Stone Multistrand Necklace

Barr + Barr Leopard Print Calfhair Tote

Barr + Barr Leopard Print Calfhair Tote

A classic wardrobe staple that is the perfect investment for fall because it goes with absolutely everything. Black, brown, colors, print, pattern- you name it. Animal print is my #1 this fall.
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