Fall Transition

Dear Curations Viewers –
I can’t believe that it’s already almost the end of August – the summer has flown by!
The changing of the seasons is always transitional by nature but there is something about the last days of summer going into Fall that makes me want to reinvent myself and my wardrobe. The trends factor in too but don’t ultimately make up my decision of what I want to embody for the season – it’s more about a state of mind and wanting to project a certain feeling! 
The key to transitional dressing for any season is accessories – they let you play with different textures, tones, color palettes and trends without committing to a total look.  Accessories are especially important going from the steamy summer to the cooler days of Fall because they register the new season while still being temperature-appropriate.  Here are my top 4 transitional pieces to get you started on the right foot for Fall!
1.  Jewel-toned Statement Jewelry
The statement trend in jewelry is clearly here to stay.  Summer was about bold metals and bright colors, but Fall calls for an update.  Look for rich, jewel-toned pieces with an antique or vintage feel – they will add depth to your look and start you in the
right direction!
2.  Printed Scarves
Scarves are a year-round staple for me and always a focal point of each Curations collection.  A lightweight scarf is at home with a tank and jeans as it is with a blazer and sweater – so don’t be afraid to wear them even when its warm out!
3.  An “It” Tote
“It” bags are no longer about being the most trendy or in fashion, they are about fitting your lifestyle. Function and fashion are equally important in a bag – a roomy tote with inner pockets keeps your essentials at hand and your daily needs contained. 
4.  A Fall Sunglass
Protecting your eyes is a year-round job, but Fall calls for a more sophisticated shade of sunglass.  Rich tortoise browns, classic blacks, even neutral nudes complement the darker palette of the season and instantly add chic to any look.
Whatever the season, don’t forget that style is a journey and Curations is
your roadmap! 
Tune in September 15th for the next installment of Curations – I can’t wait to share it
with you!
Until next time!
Stefani Greenfield

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