I want to thank all of you for making our big 15th Anniversary event such a huge success.   It is so gratifying that after all these years, hundreds and thousands are enjoying the benefits of Serious Skin Care.   Each month, we welcome hundreds of NEW clients to the line and we look forward to helping them through their skin care concerns.
Usually, after our big Anniversary event, we have about 7 weeks to regroup and make the trip back to HSN in Florida for our June visit.    Although May is always a busy month for planning, without an HSN trip scheduled, our group usually enjoys a more manageable pace.
Not so this year.  May 2010 will go down as one of our most exciting and busy times as we have been preparing the final touches for the June debut of one of our most exciting and much anticipated product launches ever.
On Friday, June 4 we will launch EYETALITY – our Total Eye Transformation.  Finally, an eye system that does it all!  Imagine – the answer to all your eye needs in two elegant formulations.   Not only does EYETALITY address fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles, discoloration, puffiness – this unique system actually addresses sparse and thin lashes – with lash enhancers actually BUILT IN to the formulation.   Now, with EYETALITY, Serious Skin Care helps provide your lashes with a thick, full and beautiful look.
In addition to being an incredible product – that delivers results – EYETALITY has received tremendous attention from top beauty editors and industry insiders.    Perhaps the most exciting endorsement of all for EYETALITY has come from the toughest judges in the industry – the actual hosts of HSN!   The hosts of HSN have the opportunity to preview and present thousands of products every year.    The HSN hosts were so impressed by EYETALITY that they selected it to be the best value of the day for their Summer HOST PICK event.  Keep in mind that the hosts can choose any item, from any category, and they selected Serious Skin Care’s EYETALITY.     We are so pleased with this recognition – and are even more excited for you to try EYETALITY for yourself.

Also in June we are extending the power of Metabiotics ™ Resveratrol  – look for our NEW intense Resveratrol Drench X-5 concentrated serum – that features 5 times amount of Metabiotics ™ Resveratrol featured in our Resveratrol Drench.   Plus we’ve created an incredible Resveratrol Body Drench that will help renew your skin and return it’s suppleness and softness.
I want to thank everyone for contributing your valuable posts, reviews, questions and comments – our renewed interactivity is helping us to connect with you in a way we never imagined.
See you in June!
–    Jennifer
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