Eyeliner Tips for Fun Summer Looks

The Beginners Guide To Eyeliners


Who doesn’t want to define their eyes, add a little drama and create the perfect feline flick? As Nur says, eyeliner can reshape your eyes, help lift them and give the appearance of a thicker lash line. However, I don’t think I am the only one who has tried and failed, ending up with a wonky line or worse yet, panda eyes. Then after a few more attempts eventually reached for the makeup wipes, removed all evidence of the failure and moved on.


The key is to stick to a few simple rules:


1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

First up, as with everything – practice makes perfect. If you really want to master something all it takes is some trial and error. I have a friend who can whip out a perfect feline flick in a matter of seconds, her secret is practice! If you are new to eyeliner start with a pencil (just be sure it’s sharpened) as it is easier to smudge and a great starting point. I tend to try out new beauty products or looks when I am either at home all day or have a lot of time on my hands before getting ready. This way I don’t rush it and I can take my time.


2. Test Your Tools

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Before going straight onto your eyes test the product out on your hand. This is the best way to figure out the flow of the product – if it comes out fast, you should be prepared to work fast! Be sure you are familiar with your makeup products before you start applying them. As I said before, start with a pencil as these are the easiest to smudge and create a subtle smoky eye. Cream and gel liners applied with a brush are also great to start with as you can control the amount of product you use and carry on the brush. Once you feel at ease applying liner you can move onto liquid liner. These create strong bold lines and a beautiful shape.


3. Preparation Is Key

To stop those wipes from having to rear their head, just be sure you are prepared. If you don’t have enough time – leave it, wait until you do as there is no point in rushing. Once you’ve chosen the liner you want to use, decide what type of eye you are going to create. I have ended up in a right mess by just winging it and not having a plan. For any small mistakes have some Q-tips dipped in makeup remover close by. They will easily remove any mishaps without ruining the rest of your work.


So there are my three tips, I hope they work for you! What are your key rules/steps to perfecting the art of eye liner?

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