Every Woman’s Guide To A Spring Makeover

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The first word that comes to mind when I think of spring is “rejuvenation”. This season our beauty routines should mimic the season as we set aside the products we used specifically for winter and examine foundations like our hair, skin, and nails to to give them a fresh start. When our foundations are at their best it’s easy to complement them with new colors and spring styles. Follow my guide on how to give your look a new boost for spring and the best products available right now to help you achieve it.


1. Hair

This spring let your hair down and and enhance its natural body. Curls and beachy waves give hair a youthful exuberance for this season. The Infiniti PRO by Conair Secret Curl™ Snap Roller Set by Conair makes it easy to add body to your hairstyle without any pesky creases or limp spots. Roll up big sections at a time and then style it loosely with your fingers for a relaxed and refreshing look.


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2. Skin

Our skin might be the most complicated part of our beauty routine, but don’t despair if you feel like your complexion is lacking right now. Winter is hard on our skin, so now is the time to get the right products and practices to revitalize it. To begin, use a gentle exfoliant twice a week to remove dullness and dry skin. Follow that up with a daily moisturizer that has SPF protection, and have a separate night cream that will repair free radical damage. The Christie Brinkley 3-piece Age-Defying Skincare Regimen by Christie Brinkley contains all of these essentials to get your complexion glowing for spring.


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Don’t forget the skin on the rest of our body needs TLC too! In spring you’ll want to wear those dresses, shorts, and short-sleeve shirts so treat your skin in the shower with the Korres Shower Gel Trio by Korres. It’s full of moisturizing emollients and humectants for a supple touch, and is free of  harsh additives that can speed up the signs of aging.


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3. Lips

Do your lips feel dry and rough? The culprit may be winter winds, dehydration, or unconsciously biting them while working or stressed. A great way to keep lips supple no matter the reason is to use a hydrating lip crayon. With a colorful pout you will remember not to touch your lips and you’ll give them protection from the elements. The Korres Twist “The Berries” Lipstick Trio by Korres is a lovely set of shades for spring and is enriched with raspberry oil for lasting shine and hydration.


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4. Hands & Nails

The skin on our hands is delicate so any reaction to weather changes or the passage of time shows up here first. For spring, give your hands a makeover with deep conditioning treatments and a salt scrub similar to what you would do for your face. A bright shade of polish on your nails will also instantly take years off their appearance. For spring’s color palette the OPI Hawaii Mini Set with Top Coat by OPI will make your hands shine.


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5. Smile

The things we eat and drink naturally stain our teeth but we can still have a pearly smile. Unveil your polished teeth with the IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Pro Teeth Whitening Light System by IntelliWhite. Spring is all about lightening up with our styles and a bright smile will be the easiest makeover you can give yourself with a big impact.


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How do you change your beauty routine for spring?

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