Every Girl’s Wedding Season Style Guide

Hi Girls! Below you’ll find my newest style series, all about summer wedding style! In this post, I’ll be showing you girls how to dress and accessorize for a beach wedding, a cocktail party wedding, and a formal or black tie wedding.


Heidi's Beach Wedding Style


Let’s start with the beach wedding. These weddings are very popular, especially during the summer months. You can usually tell that the venue for the wedding will be on a beach by the location printed on the invitation. While fabulous, beach weddings pose a few location specific challenges when planning on what to wear. You’ll need to carefully consider the elements when dressing for this celebration. Be sure to be mindful of the sun, and make sure your shoes are sand-friendly!


My “Newport Chic II” collection is perfect for a beach wedding! My “Newport Chic II” Enamel and Crystal Enhancer Pendant and Braided Cord ?necklace will look gorgeous with a wrap dress. Anchor your look with this chic, coastal pendant and cord. A nautical-inspired design covered with creamy enamel and sparkling crystal accents rejuvenates your favorite maritime ensembles. You’ll be at the helm of the fashion scene whenever you wear it! Add the the matching ring for some extra seaside sparkle! Pair this look with a chic pair of sunglasses, and a swipe of pale pink lipstick with SPF to protect your pout.


Heidi's Cocktail Party Wedding Style


Next let’s discuss the cocktail party wedding. These weddings are very popular, and usually will designate “cocktail attire” on the invitation. While not quite as fancy or formal as a black tie wedding, cocktail party weddings are still a fabulous opportunity to dress up and sparkle! For this type of wedding, I’d suggest a knee length dress. Floor length might read as too formal for a cocktail party setting. This simple navy boat neck shift is the perfect backdrop for a little bit of sparkle!


My brand new “Cherries Jubilee” Beaded Crystal Drop Necklace is just the thing to add some sparkle and glam to your cocktail wedding attire! Ever dreamt of a springtime stroll through the parks and temples of Japan during Sakura season? Inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms in full flower, this crystal-adorned necklace celebrates the season in style. Pair the necklace with my Heidi Daus “Chic Stackables” Pavé Crystal Hoop Earrings, and all eyes will be on you! Carry all your essentials in a simple and chic envelope clutch, that’s sparkly without competing with your jewelry. Swipe on a vibrant pink lipstick to add a playful yet pulled together touch to your look, and slip on some strappy pumps for a streamlined look. You’ll be beautifully put together, and ready to toast to the happy couple with a glass of bubbly!


Heidi's Formal Wedding Style


Finally, let’s discuss formal or black tie wedding attire. These weddings are very fancy and usually held in grand ballrooms or glamorous hotels. You can usually tell that the venue for the wedding will be formal or black tie by the dress code printed on the invitation. These types of weddings are the perfect venue to really break out all the sparkle, and pull out all the stops with the glitz and the glamour! Floor length dresses are generally the rule at these types of weddings, and a floaty silk chiffon dress in a steely blue color will set you apart from the masses in black. This dress is the perfect backdrop for showcasing my brand new Heidi Daus “Unconventional Elegance” Beaded Crystal Drop Necklace. Don’t conform to society’s less-is-more mentality. Be bold, be beautiful, be you with this show-stopping, sparkle-loaded crystal drop necklace design. Pair this with the matching earrings and ring for a look perfect for any formal wedding. Finish your glamorous look with a sparkling clutch, and a glossy coral lip for a summer wedding ensemble that’s black tie perfection!


Are you girls attending any summer weddings?

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