Ellen Bunner of Concierge Collection Explains Why You Need a Mattress Pad

If you were to ask me what is my favorite category of bedding basics in the Concierge Collection, it would have to be the mattress pad. It may sound funny, but I truly get excited about helping the HSN customer make their bed the most comfortable place it can be. I thought my first blog entry should focus on just what is a mattress pad, and do you really need one anyway?
So many of you are probably wondering, do I really need a mattress pad? Why do I need one when I already have a sheet on my bed?
I say it all the time, a mattress pad is the perfect way to protect a new mattress or protect yourself from and old one. That is just it, a mattress pad is that extra layer of protection, the extension of your mattress that you can remove and launder–a wonderful thing, considering you can’t launder or even dry clean your mattress. Wow, just think how much time we spend in our beds!
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The best thing about mattress pads today is that they have evolved from just being that extension of protection to so much more! Within the Concierge Collection there are many options to consider when choosing a mattress pad. You can choose added comfort, extended fit, mattress makeover beauty and ultimate protection, even stain and water resistance. Even better, some mattress pads include all of these features!!

You Need a Mattress Pad If… You Hate Lumps and Bumps
First let’s talk about comfort, how does your mattress feel? Is it lumpy and bumpy or maybe a bit too firm? Does it feel just fine, but you are always open to improvement? HSN offers mattress pads that can really change the face of your mattress by adding softness, loft, resiliency and comfort. A great example of this type of pad would be the Magic Loft. This has been a best seller, a customer pick and is truly unique in its construction. The Magic Loft (pictured above) is the only mattress pad that is hand finished. That’s right, each little square is hand stuffed with a soft, fluffy hypoallergenic fill. What a big difference this makes! You will think you got a brand new pillow top on your mattress! Best of all, this mattress pad with its stretchy skirt and deep pocket will fit your mattress, can it get any better?
You Need a Mattress Pad If… You Want a Mattress Makeover, but Not a New Mattress
Well, maybe you like the idea of added comfort, but really need a mattress makeover. Just like fine lingerie, Concierge Collection offers some of the prettiest options when it comes to mattress pads. Great for the guest room when that wonderful friend decides to help you out and change the sheets. Yikes, what about that stain?! Concierge Collection offers mattress pads with beautiful satin quilted skirts, or how about an upscale woven jacquard print that transforms your old tattered mattress into a brand new one! The beauty of both of these options is that even with all of that makeover appeal, there is protection too! That is right both of these styles offer stain and water resistance!

You Need a Mattress Pad If… You Care About Protection
Protection is key when it comes to mattress pads. I think many of us feel to get this option we have to buy those thin, crinkly, loud, hot sheet-like mattress pads that keep us up all night with every move. Not anymore! I am constantly surprised by the styles in the Concierge Collection that look great, feel soft and comfortable and at the same time offer that front line of defense between you and your mattress. Maybe it’s a beverage in bed, that excited puppy like my little Snickers at home, or just the reality of life. The stain and water resistant feature is key
when you have a newer mattress, or you really want to keep moisture away from your mattress. I don’t know about you, but I want my mattress to last at least 10 years, and I want it to look and feel as great as it did when I purchased it. Not difficult when you find the right mattress pad!
So that’s it. Who said mattress pads aren’t important? I could talk about them for hours! I like my sleep and anything that can help me to get more of it, or a better quality sleep then I am a fan! I hope this didn’t put you to sleep, and you’ll use this info to help you personalize your bed and sleep well.
Sweet dreams!
Ellen Bunner
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