Eat, Pray, Love Journey

Join HSN August 6-8 as we journey through Italy, India and Bali for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The event features new discoveries in the spirit of the countries and characters of Eat, Pray, Love. Based upon the bestselling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love proves there is more than one way to let yourself go. Liz Gilbert had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having, yet found herself searching for what she really wanted in life. Gilbert embarks on a quest for self-discovery through Italy, India, and Bali. Now a major motion picture in theaters August 13.
Hi, everyone! What an exciting adventure you are about to embark upon with us! Skip and I are so thrilled to bring you our interpretation of Eat, Pray, Love on August 6. We have both lived and traveled to many parts of the world, and the combination of Italy, India, and Bali have to be, what I would consider, the “perfect triangle”. These countries, each have their own intrinsic essence, flavor, and ambiance.
I once read that the Aborigines of Australia have their own 10 commandments – the first one being, “Observation, not judgment.” This means that we should always decide, in life, what “resonates with our souls”. If it does resonate with our souls, we should embrace it. If not, we should merely move on by, not judging it as good or bad . I have always loved this way of thinking, especially where beautiful fragrance, and a feeling of well- being blend together in
time-tested majesty.
Enjoy our lovely and irresistible Melon Gelato line – a sorbet of fruity freshness like an Italian summer rain shower. Or relax with our Indian melody of Tamarind, Jasmine, Hemp, and Sesame oil….recreating a certain sense of India’s peace , divinely-inspired mystery, and sensuous aromas. Or, surround yourself in the luxury of exotic Bali, where Lotus flowers and White Tea together, create one of the most romantic perfumes in the world; all the while helping to bring to the skin a satiny smoothness – an “island glow”! Come join Skip and me – and let your souls, minds, and bodies “resonate” to the beauty and well-being these special countries can offer!!
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