Ease Into Fall Fashion With These 6 Beauty Tips From Trish McEvoy

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Fall is here and the living is busy! The change of seasons is the best time to update your look and your palette. Fall forward in style with my Top Tips for giving your beauty a fresh start!


1. Give Post-Tan Skin an Even Start

Summer takes a toll on skin and once your tan fades you may find mottled pigment and drab tone in its place. In addition to AM exfoliation and PM repair, a daily skin perfector with treatment benefits to help brighten and re-texturize will be your new BBF.


2. Brush Up

Now that your skin looks even and bright, ensure the tools you touch it with are in top hygienic and performance shape. Routine gentle cleansing is essential to keeping pore-clogging culprits at bay and to maintaining brushes’ original shape for the best makeup application. When washing brushes avoid getting water inside the metal ferrules to keep hairs in place. Lay flat to air dry with the brush head over the edge of a countertop.


3. Update Your Look

Effortlessly update your makeup wardrobe for Fall 2014 with soft, elegant tones—mauve and beige on the eyes, golds and pinks on the face and ro sy hues for lips. Consolidate your essentials with a ready-to-wear palette for day to night plus the items you don’t feel dressed without, such as mascara and concealer. Keep this kit ready to grab for when getting out the door has gone into overtime!


4. Define Your Beauty—from Beach Bare to Fall Flair

Just as fall adds layers and accessories to fashion, it’s time to dress up and dramatize your makeup with more definition on the eyes, face and lips. This is as easy as:

  • Transitioning to a mascara that delivers a full-lash look

  • Elongating your eyeliner—beyond the outer corner of the eye, flicked slightly up and out at 10 and 2 o’clock.

  • Defining lips with Lip Liner (in a shade that matches your lips, not your Lip Color!)


When you have time, take an extra second to sculpt your face with complementing Bronzer and Highlight to bring out your facial dimensions.


5. Remember your Brows?

Shaping your brows may be one of first steps you skipped in the name of summer ease. Come fall, it’s high time to bring those arches back! Assess the situation in natural light and seek professional help if needed—tweezing is one of few things I do NOT teach to DIY! Once you have rid the area of unwanted hair, using a precise pencil and light hand, take a moment to softly fill in sparseness for a more natural look, or to outline and fill in your ideal brow shape for added drama.


6. The Scent of Fall

Once fall enters the air it’s a wonderful opportunity to update your fragrance for the season. Just as you quelled summer’s extremes with light, breezy perfumes, you can take advantage of fall’s drier, cooler climes to embrace the more dramatic scent that’s piqued your olfactive interest. Woodsy and spicy accords with patchouli, amber, sandalwood and oud will start your season on the perfect note.


How are you getting ready for fall?

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