Don’t Let Fall Fashion Give You The Cold Shoulder

Don’t Let Fall Fashion Give You The Cold Shoulder

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As much as we love lazy days spent lounging in track pants and graphic tees, let’s get real, more often than not we suffer a little for fashion. This realization always hits home during the fall when after a summer spent living easy in super comfortable pieces, the first cold snaps hit and remind us that fashion isn’t always built for the seasons. But we can make it work! If we want to strut our styles and still be able to handle some blustery rebuffs, we just need to get creative with fall fashion outerwear.


Layering up for cold weather can not only save us from freezing in our booties and tights, but it can make a big fashion statement. We’re not talking about your run of the mill cardigan either. These 5 fashion outerwear looks are a must-have for this season.


1. Faux-Fur Kimonos

A by Adrienne Landau Hooded Kimono with Faux Fur Trim

Kimono jackets were huge this spring and summer, seen in lacy, sheer styles. But for winter and fall, they get a whole new remodel. Swap out the sheer fabric for a soft and cozy sweater knit that will feel wonderful to snuggle into on windy days. Accents like the faux fur trim on this A by Adrienne Landau Hooded Kimono gives this coat a rich and polished look that makes it perfect for going out. The loose cut of the kimono design also makes it comfortable for wearing with mixed layers underneath.


2. Field Parkas

S13/NYC Field Parka Jacket with Faux Fur

Athleisure has joined the ranks of the fashion elite in the last year and for fall and winter athleisure outerwear is sure to be popular. Military styles like parkas are a sporty option for styling with jeans and riding boots or for creating contrast against a simple bodycon dress with ankle booties. This S13/NYC Field Parka Jacket is a fabulous choice for athleisure outerwear as it’s a tad more feminine and stylish than your standard military down jacket with detailing like a drawstring waist and faux fur trim on the hoodie.


3. Velvet Blazers

DG2 by Diane Gilman Stretch Velvet Blazer

Velvet is making a comeback with the revival of 70’s and 90’s styles this year. To try out a velvet style that will keep you looking classy not childish, mix it up with a business blazer. Blazers should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe due to their outstanding versatility. This DG2 by Diane Gilman Stretch Velvet Blazer comes in a variety of beautiful jewel tone colors, but for a first dip into velvet clothing darker shades will help tone down the effect. Business casual just became business couture.


4. Text-Print Capes

NENE by Nene Leakes "Fabulous" Cape

Sometimes the easiest way to make a fashion statement is just to write it out loud. That’s the motto with text-print capes, anyway. For monotone fall outfits that need some shaking up try adding a cape like the NENE by Nene Leakes “Fabulous” Cape. Its two-tone body and bold-faced lettering elevate this cape to the level of more of an accessory piece but certainly one that’s easy to pair with many different outfits. Capes are also the perfect style for throwing over any base layers due to their shape. Make “Fabulous” your mantra for fall.


5. Color-blocking Dusters

Jamie Gries Collection Pleated Duster

During the colder months of the year it’s natural to start to gravitate towards darker, muted colors but in fall we’re still in the inbetween stage. We have a host of jewel tones that this season was made for. Introduce pops of these amazing colors into your fall fashion through colorblocking. Keep your main layers in a neutral color family and then dazzle like an autumn sunset with a layer of outerwear like the Jamie Gries Collection Pleated Duster in apricot. Fun tip: dusters also lengthen the body making us seem taller and leaner so pair this look with your favorite booties and enjoy the lift!


How do you keep your fall fashion on point amidst the chillier weather?

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