Do A Fall Fashion Double Take With Denim On Denim

Do A Fashion Double Take For Fall With Denim On Denim

This Fall, fashionistas everywhere are having an iconic ’70’s moment and the mood of the moment is BLUE! Follow the new denim rules and make denim on denim your go-to uniform!


Stock-up on key pieces that are classics trending right now like The Perfect Jean-Skinny, Bootcut or new Gentle-Flare. Pair it with the “Lived-in” Chambray Shirt, The Classic Jean Jacket to be worn separately or together for a “high-fashion” statement. It looks fabulous in ALL shades of blues so don’t be afraid to mix your washes! Also take notice that the coolest of cool girls are wearing their denim frayed at the hem, ripped, patched & distressed.

The Classic Jean Jacket


For all you “Blackoholics” like me, never fear, black denim is at the height of “right now” fashion. If you do want to expand your fashion horizons, shift to darkest-wash Indigo for the same slimming benefits and tailored to dressy versatility.

Black denim in "right now” fashion


Also for all who enjoy laid back fashion on the weekends, what could say relaxed better than washed-down midtone and chambray? Don’t worry about accessorizing there are plenty of navy and bordeaux boots and handbags to complement your leap into the blue too. Denim on denim has truly become an obsession of the fashion world so when it comes to style, being BLUE is a good thing!

Washed-down midtone denim


How will you rock your fashion blues this season?

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