DIY Easter Baskets for the Family

If your littles are anything like mine it doesn’t take much for them to get excited about a holiday or event. Just the idea of it is enough to have them bouncing off the walls. That being said, I still find joy in surprising them with a bit of whimsy and fun. One of the ways I do this is by finding cute little DIY’s that I can do at home. They don’t have to be crazy intense, it’s more about finding something that will connect with them personally and make them feel thought of and special.

One of my favorite things ever is my Cricut, it is the most incredible tool when it comes to personalizing items. For this coming Easter I decided that I was going to surprise my little candy monsters with a personalized Easter bucket.

It would be easy to go back over it and add their names, but I kind of like that each bucket aligns with their personality right now with no names needed. I chose colors and photos for each of them that I knew they’d appreciate.

And the big bonus? It took just minutes AND just a few dollars.

After picking up buckets it was just a matter of choosing the material, adding the photo into the Circuit DesignSpace (we created a tutorial video on just how to do it all!), and adding the design to the bucket.

From here, again, we can add their names if desired, additional stickers or designs or even use hot glue to add embellishments. The sky is the limit! Though with a little one under two in my house, I like to keep the embellishments to a minimum at this time (she doesn’t need an excuse for an extra snack if you know what I mean!).

My older daughter happened to walk in while I was making these, and she’s already SO excited to have it in her hand… I think it’s an Easter DIY Bucket win!

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