Ditch Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags Easily

Ditch Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags Easily

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We deserve to start off our mornings light, happy and worry-free so that means dropping some excess baggage under our eyes. Age, genetics, and seasonal allergies can be to blame for the look of tired eyes but what we do about it is in our control. Let’s banish dark circles, fine lines, and dullness to our pasts with a targeted beauty regimen just for our eyes.


With our two-step method of just 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning we can easily lighten our gaze, and with some specific makeup tricks brighten the look of our eyes too.


1. Purify and Treat

When our skin doesn’t get properly cleaned a lot of different problems can crop up like acne, enlarged or blocked pores, and dullness. The skin under our eyes is thin and sensitive so we can imagine how much worse those problems could affect that area. To ensure your eyes are receiving a good cleansing first start off with a thorough eye makeup remover, then follow up with a gentle cream or foaming cleanser for the whole face.


The next step, that is the most important, is the one most often forgotten for under the eyes: exfoliation. The skin around our eyes needs exfoliation just like the rest of the face but in a specialized way. Exfoliation methods using rough granules can irritate and cause microtears on the skin under the eyes so we need to use a chemical exfoliate that can slough off dead skin. Apply a gentle glycolic treatment to the eyes like the Exfoliating Eye Cream by BeautyRX that will penetrate skin layers to turn over dead skin cells. This helps to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, and allow skin’s natural radiance to be emitted again.

Exfoliating Eye Cream


2. Restore and Brighten

When we wake up in the morning our eyes are now ready for treatment to help lift skin and reduce darkness that’s caused by our recumbent position while sleeping. We can keep our eye routine quick and easy though with the right products that include restorative and brightening components. Try the Eye Base Essentials with Instant Eye Lift by Trish McEvoy. It comes with an eyeshadow primer and brightener that work to reduce fine lines and darkness on the lid. Also included is a temporary line filler that erases dark circles and gives the eye an illuminated look.

Eye Base Essentials with Instant Eye Lift


Use Trish’s “Triangle of Light” technique for application of the Instant Eye Lift. Draw two straight lines from the corners of your eyes to meet at mid cheek, level with your nose. Draw a connecting line across under the eye, then gently blend with a brush to fill in the triangle. Different from foundation, this product goes on extremely lightly and sits softly on the skin to better fill in fine lines and wrinkles, rather than defining them.


Do you have a trick for treating tired eyes?

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