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When it comes to operating systems, everyone wants to know, which is better, Android or iOS? Turns out, there is no ‘real’ answer. It all comes down to personal preference. So what is best for you, might not be best for your husband, mother, or best friend.


And who knows? You may like both. Maybe your tablet will be one operating system while your phone is the other. Here are some of the key differences between the two:


1. Customization

Android is more customizable. It allows you to change your screen’s layout, the look of your keyboard and add widgets. If you like to change things up on a regular basis, Android may be for you. The customization also allows you to get creative.


However, not everyone needs or wants all of that customizing. If you like to stick to one look and feel, or if it really doesn’t matter to you if you can change things up, this might not be a sticking point for you at all.


2. Smooth Flow

Many people report that they find the iOS operating system to be more fluid; everything has a nice, smooth flow. Additionally, this fluidity allows you to learn the iOS system a little more quickly, getting you up and running faster.


3. Google Integration

Android offers Google integration. This means that if you already use Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps and the like, you can easily find and use them on an Android device.


However, iOS does have some Google-approved apps, such as Gmail and Google Maps. So it is really six of one and half a dozen of the other.


4. Device Variation

Android is run on more devices, while iOS operating systems are found only on Apple products. This may be a deciding point for some. It is important to note, though, that with both operating systems you will have access to over a million apps. And both have digital assistants that can help you remember to do important things…like send your mom a card on her birthday, or check out today’s special on HSN!


So, which operating system is best for you? Tell us your preferences in the comments!

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