Diane Gilman Launches new DG2 Stretch Jeans Line



Get ready for some newness in the DG2 brand!! Introducing Diane’s new Super Stretch Denim!! This is a brand new fabric for DG2 and offers a soft premium denim hand! This new denim has an 8″ – 10″ inch stretch in the waistband, and is made up of a cotton, poly, rayon and spandex blend.


Superstretch is an amazing step forward in Denim technology that uses less spandex with more results through the nature of the weave – therefore “recovery” is always guaranteed and the stretch through the waist area is almost double in what we are able to accomplish in our Classic Denim (That stretch, of course, continues to outperform any other denim weave through the hips, thighs, knee areas).


“And, for the first time in years I wouldn’t hesitate to tuck a top into my superstretch jeans as they can never have muffin spill”

Diane Gilman


Superstretch is also much softer and a much huger comfort-factor than any customer has ever experienced in a jean. The softness of the long staple cotton fibers and the silkiness of the rayon is unparallel! Get set for a “Spa-experience” when wearing Superstretch…it is that comforting and comfortable.


Comfortable and relaxing to wear…. as with regular denim you feel the resistance through knee area, waist, lower hip all day long as you sit, crouch, bend. With Superstretch it is all cooperation- no resistance!


Get set for a whole new experience wearing Superstretch and know that this “Rolls Royce” of Denim weaves is only available at over twice our HSN retail price in the highest-end department stores…but fit and sized for junior customer.


We are the ONLY baby-boomer Jean on the planet in super stretch and the only Denim Brand on TV retailing to have this technologically superior product


The incredible generosity of the stretch/recovery should make for a broader customer base- more women who thought they could never wear denim again now can…and since the extraordinary stretch will fit more viewers and be wearable through huge weight fluctuations we really believe return rates will drop significantly!


No hesitation to tuck a top into Superstretch jeans as they can never have muffin spill. The waist is so generous it can accommodate with ease of tucking additional layer and the effect is so smooth and sleek.

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