Diane Gilman Launches New Book "Good Jeans"

A dream of mine has become a reality; I’m launching my book, Good Jeans, on HSN!

The book is multileveled and part autobiography; it’s about how many obstacles I had to fight and the mountains I had to climb to be where I am today. Along the way, I learned to “negotiate aging” by throwing out all the rule books & writing my own.
I was inspired to write this book by my HSN customers and the sisterhood we’ve formed.  If I can help just one woman feel better about herself as she enters middle age and help her to enjoy the years that are ahead more fully, then I’ve done my job!

One trick for “aging agelessly” is to begin from within. We must learn to work with and respect our bodies. Feeling good IS looking good!!!  Sure I want to stay up late, eat massive quantities of carbs (my weakness), drink sugary alcoholic drinks (on occasion) and be a couch potato on weekends (and sometimes I do) but I know, in my mid 60s, my body’s not handing out any “go straight to Park Place” cards! Every bit of weight maintenance, every bit of toned arms, abs & legs, and every bit of skin glow is a disciplined, calculated effort–but so worth it!!!
I hope you’ll join me for my special HSN All Access show March 13th at 8pm ET where I’ll be chatting about my book, Good Jeans, even more..  I’ll be live with Colleen Lopez, sharing my book along with a special collection of fashions. I’m also excited to do a live chat with you immediately following the show on HSN’s Facebook page!
Written by Diane Gilman

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