Diane Gilman Celebrates 21st HSN Anniversary With a Fact For Every Year

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This May I get to add another candle to DG2’s birthday cake as we celebrate twenty one years at HSN! Never could I have anticipated the consistent warmth and support I have received from the very get-go from HSN and all of our loyal customers. After more than two decades I’ve truly developed a family here that supports creativity and passion to make every woman feel her best, myself included. To celebrate DG2’s birthday month I’m sharing 21 fun facts about me, the woman behind the denim!


1. Recently had to have major surgery!

I Was so touched and heartened… almost every nurse who took care of me at South Nassau Hospital on Long Island was a huge DG2 fan!


2. First HSN show

It was late October of ’94, I washed my hair, turned on the hairdryer, which shorted out and exploded! I spent the next hour bent over a radiator desperately trying to dry my hair! Needless to say results were not optimal, as my hair air-dries into a gigantic Brillo pad!


3. I am obsessed with Grade Z horror movies!

The more low budget and cheesy, the better! (First time I’ve ever admitted this!)


4. Known to be untrustworthy around chocolate

Once, on a trip back from Paris, after having bought 1lb bags of the finest French chocolates as presents, I boarded the plane, was hungry and bored, and ate an entire 1lb box on the ride home.


5. Favorite Candy

Tic Tacs!


6. Favorite Shopping

Status handbags and shoes!


7. Favorite Colors

Black & White


8. Favorite Vacation

Exotic adventures to faraway lands with very different cultures.


9. Favorite Gemstone

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” So true!


10. Favorite article of personal clothing

First DG2 jean I ever invented—still rockin’ my original boot cut after 10 years!


11. Best HSN TV moment

When a caller thanked me for giving her “herself back.” That’s when I realized how much a great pair of jeans could change millions of women’s lives!


12. Favorite Pet(s)

Kitties! Mr. Fuzzy (a ragdoll) and Princess Trina (a Russian Blue) rule the house!


13. Favorite Flower

Hands down, White Orchids! My home and office are full of them—so elegant!


14. Scariest TV Moment

My first HSN hour—I was terrified—knees shaking, teeth chattering!


15. Favorite TV Experience

Talking to the callers! I love the heartfelt connection to the viewer and learn so much from them!


16. Favorite food

Spaghetti and meatballs! Had it for dinner once for an entire month!


17. Favorite pastime

Designing! This is my passion!


18. Describing myself

Happily impassioned workaholic


19. Favorite city

New York City—dreamt of coming to NYC from the time I was a wee child…yes, I love London, Paris, Istanbul, but New York is truly in my blood!


20. Dream Vacation

Machu Picchu in Peru


21. Biggest wish

To be on HSN another 21 years!


Be sure to tune into my live show on May 30th at 8PM ET where I’ll be joined by a very special fan of DG2….Kirstie Alley!

When did you first start following DG2 on HSN? What’s one of your favorite pieces from over the years?

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