December News From Adrienne Arpel

Hi Girlfriends,

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! I always look forward to this time of year when I get to spend quality time with my family and close friends, and this year was no exception. Thanksgiving dinner at my house was fun (and delicious, I was told) and gave us all a chance to catch up on everyone’s careers, travels, and kids’ accomplishments.

This year our December holiday shows are on Saturday, December 10 at 10am and 6 pm and Sunday, December 11 at 1pm and 11pm. At 12:01 am on Monday, December 12, we launch our extraordinary Today’s Special! You will not want to miss these shows because the offerings are not only exciting but very well priced. We know the holidays can be a very expensive time for everyone, so we try to give you the best offerings at the best prices. Of course, all of our Buy-1-Get-1 offerings will be back, as well as fabulous, value-priced Vitamin C and Precious Moroccan Argan Oil kits…so do not miss these shows!

I will be introducing a new addition to our hugely successful and popular Platinum Electrocharged line of products: Platinum Electrocharged Upper Eyelid Fix. This is a new site-specific, specialized beauty treatment product developed by our cosmetic scientists that focuses on the thinner, sagging, delicate skin of your upper eyelids. I’m sure you have noticed that when you are young your eyes look wide awake and open, but as you get older this delicate upper eyelid skin begins to loosen, sag and droop, making your eyes look small, tired and wrinkled. It’s just a fact, as we get older elasticity loosens and our upper eyelids start to fall.

Your moisturizing creams and oils for dry under eye skin may work well for this area, but they do nothing to help hold up the thin, delicate skin of you upper eyelid. The Platinum Electrocharged Upper Eyelid Fix is formulated with tightening proteins and a Platinum Peptide Cream to optimize elasticity and help your upper eyelid skin look lifted. With continued use, it helps to give the appearance of wide, youthful eyes. You will be as excited about this product as everyone in the Signature Club A office: All the people who have been using this new innovation are thrilled with the results they are seeing, and I know you will be too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your patronage and support of Signature Club A this year. Your loyalty and friendship means a lot to me, and I think of you as my special girlfriends.

Warmest good wishes to you and your families for the holidays and for a 2012 filled with good health, happiness and peace!


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